Sunday, August 2, 2009

August's "Hot" Items

My August hot items are...

1. The Flick: Dying to see {The Ugly Truth}.  I am actually a fan of Katherine Heigl and since the days of her first TV show, Rosewell.  I think she is elegant and I love her style in the August 2009 {InStyle} Magazine.  I am always up for a good romantic comedy and especailly one rated R (you know what that means). 

2. The Read: My mom bought me {Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World} for Christmas and I am finally getting around to reading it.   Of course, the book was purchased for me because of the cute Dewey on the cover that looks a lot like my cat, Tiger Lilly.  The book is about a library cat, Dewey, and all the adventures Dewey gets into.  I am on chapter one and I already think I will shed more tears in this one over {The Notebook}.  I swear, I am bound to be a cat lady the rest of my life. 

3. The Kicks: I absolutely love these for fall, winter and years to come!  {Cole Hahn} never disappoints with these brown leather riding boots.  I've been dreaming of these for a month as they are apart of {Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale} and priced at under $200.  Plus, I think they would look so awesome with some dark jeans tucked in and a sweater! No, I haven't purchased them and I will continue to dream. 

4.  The Location: We all know I am currently in Cincinnati but my only trip planned for this month is for attending a wedding in {Taneytown, Maryland}.  The wedding is for my little from Alpha Chi Omega and her fiance, also an Elon grad. The wedding is sure to be fun with all the Elon grad guests and being there as my first college friend says, "I Do"! August 22nd, I'll be in Maryland! 

Of course what didn't make this August's "Hot Items" would be my never ending search for a job.  But don't worry, we should have some updates on Monday.  {Stay Tuned}.

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