Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wednesday's Movie: The Ugly Truth

Last night I went to the movies and saw {The Ugly Truth}.  

My opinion was good but not great. Funny but not hilarious.  And predictable.  

It was a romantic comedy after all built around a successful women that can't get a date and a outspoken lust-expert male who helps her land a man.  If you've seen any movie made this century you know where this is going.  The two of them, while polar opposites, fall in love.  

Although, it was a bit on the slow side in the first half-hour the jokes got better and the interaction between Katherine Heigl and the man she is trying to woo did leave me laughing.  Especially a certain scene in which her cat climbs a tree and Heigl's character gets a great opportunity to check out her new neighbor.  But as luck would have it (or romcom Hollywood would play a part) something happens which leads to an embarrassing first impression.  

I recommend it for a laugh but will let you know that last nights viewing in Mason, Ohio was filled with quite a lot of couples.  So if your lucky enough to have a significant other it could be a date night.  Or if your like me you can take a long your always going movie girl friend and ask for a student ticket.  (We have college student ID's we can flash if you question it). 

{Stay Tuned}

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