Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Priorities

Yesterday's conversation with my mom and sister led to my priorities in life coming up.  (This is based on memory.) 

Me: I just have decided that I am concentrating on my career first and foremost and if that means moving to a small town.  Thats fine.  I can work on my social life second. I feel like I already had that year of living with a girl friend, going to bars every weekend and having a social life.  However, I had a horrible career life. First priority, job. Second priority, social life. 

Mom: No.  Second priority, find a man. 

Me: I consider those the same thing.  Having a good social life means the man will come. 

Mom: No.  You need to look and make it a priority to meet a man. Then the social life.  

Alyssa (Sister): Laura, you need to make it a priority but I agree with you that it falls in social settings.  I met (B) because we were friends first and had friends in common.  Then we began dating. 

Mom: Completely different! Laura's social life has never led to dating anyways. 

Me: Thanks for bring that up.

Based on this conversation my priorities have not changed but it did get me thinking.  Maybe I do have the wrong mind frame on this one but I don't know any other way to "find a man" except in my social life.  I refuse at a young age to get on online dating and Craig's List is sketchy.  (I'll embellish this in another post).  Singles parties at some basement in a local church screams desperate.  So I'll keep working on the job first and the social life/man second.  

{Stay Tuned}

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Lexi said...

Oh little. I love you! And my fam says the same thing about the whole my social life hasn't led me to a man thing! Ahh such is life.