Monday, August 10, 2009

Excuse me Gap? Is this a new Fall trend?

Are men's ankle jeans a trend for this fall?  I sure hope not!  

I recieved my Gap credit card bill in the mail today.  As I took a look at the couple of filler items they throw in with my statement, I did a "what?" as I stumbled upon this one.  At first, I thought maybe Mr. Gap Model had he's jeans bunched up but this is not so.  These are men's ankle jeans.  To top it off these "pants" are paired with a black leather shoe. Women, we know that ankle jeans goes with a sandal or something that is not like a clunky leather tie up shoe.  

I love the Gap.  But I have to say, please let this not go over.  I don't want to see men sporting this look.  Maybe I am crazy but I just think this look would be bad on the average guy. 

{Stay Tuned}

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