Monday, April 26, 2010

What I love these days...wallets


When I was a little girl, I received a Disney's Beauty and The Beast wallet.
Plastic, pink, a graphic of Belle.

It was perfect for a 8 year-old.

But somehow I have moved on to love big wallets. Wallets that hold all my cards, cash, coins and can stand alone as an accessory.

I remember about a year ago purchasing some cute ones for $20 or less. I recommend the B.P. department at Nordstrom, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters and Clarie's.

Of course prices vary based on quality, label and material. Above are a few I wouldn't mind sporting.

(Left to Right) Brown Snake Skin Leather at What She ($178), Steven Madden ($98), Urban Outfitters ($28), Forever 21 ($9.80).

Friday, April 16, 2010

To Alva, Oklahoma we go

I've been needing to get out of town - that's why I couldn't have been more than ecstatic when the Cowboy texted me, 'Alva this weekend?'

Alva, Oklahoma is where the cowboy's family lives. The city is home to Northwestern Oklahoma State University and apparently the smallest Wal-Mart Super Center (Thank you Wikipedia).

We were in Alva for Thanksgiving and I remember spotting a Dairy Queen. It is really silly how excited I get about things like that. I see a blizzard in my future.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Warning: the bag is louder than the crunch

Applauds to Sun Chips and the decision to invest in a bio-degradable chip bag.

However, I feel the need to info all - the bag is loud. You think the crunching of eating chips is loud just wait until you fumble with the bag.

Just something I realized this past weekend as the cowboy and I sat down for TV and chips. Next time when the chips come out so does a bowl.

{Stay Tuned}

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

So stylin' it's silly

Now this is story all about how I save some green at

Just let me take a minute just read right here and I tell you how I became the coupon fashion queen.

In Cincinnati, Ohio born and raised at Gap, Old Navy and Banana's where I spent most of my days.
Stylin', fashioned and act all cool and saving some green with coupons at the store.
When a job opened in Liberal, I decided to move.
I got one little job, I wanted so bad- packed up my VW and moved away.

I pulled up to Liberal, Kan. and checked out the mall. No Gap. No Old Navy and No Banana.
If anything you could say I was scarred
But I thought, nah forget, 'yo online shopping.'

I logged on to
And I typed in promos (Tuesdays, Thankyou, MJ6VJFHBLM8W, GAPSALE25)
Looking at my savings and product I was finally there
To become so stylish once yet again.

Already, let's admit it I am ridiculous. However, I have been waiting for Tuesday to use my Gap credit card to save 10 percent on my online purchases. I carefully have planned out my purchases and knew I was buying sale items. Thanks to online codes obtain at RetailMeNot.Com I save $20 off my purchase at check out. You can search an online site and coupon/promo codes are listed. The next best thing since slice bread.

No go out there and online shop!

{Stay Tuned}

Overheard in the community of Liberal

Two women standing and talking: one in early-thirties and the other in her mid-sixties.

Sixty-year-old: Are you married?

Thirty-year-old: No, I am not.

Sixty-year-old: Oh, you still have time.

Over hearing conversations like that ALWAYS drive me crazy.

{Stay Tuned}

Monday, April 12, 2010


(First of all, let me apologize once again for a lack of posts...if you still read this blog - Thank you!)

For the past two weeks I have wanted to share this and haven't been able to crank it out to the blog world.

Mid-March: I was out on assignment for the newspaper interviewing a women who runs a local non-profit. The women told me it was best to drop by her truck-parts business and interview her during the day. However, if she had a customer she would have to help them and than come back to the interview. Fair enough.

Six minutes into interview: A man walks in and ask to make a custom order for something on his pick-up truck. I casual listened in as the interviewee took down the man's information and quoted him on the price. He had brought his dog into the store and I patted the dogs head. The man asked when the order would be received because he would like to have it before his trip to Topeka. She said she would contact him. He left with his dog thanking the interviewee for help. The man's name was J.B.

End of March (busy deadline day in the newsroom): Police scanner screeches a semi and pick-up truck collide on north U.S. highway 54. Scanner calls for all medic units, local police, ambulance and more. The newsroom beings to busy with should we send some one (we often arrive on the scene of accidents, write a story and take photos.) The publisher and managing editor conclude no - accident is way out of town, the paper has to be finished at 5 p.m. and we can't spare anyone.

The following day: I hear a report on the radio. The man driving the pick-up was taken to the local hospital and didn't make it. One of the other reporters rights up a small story and it appears in the newspaper.

Maybe two or three days later, morning in the newsroom: Local funeral home worker comes in with a photo to be scanned for the Obituaries page. I glance at the photo - a man, about fifty, with a boy-scout about 8-years-old. The two are smiling and happy. The boy hold a trophy. The funeral worker asks me to crop the photo so only the man's neck-up is used for the notice. The name he gives me to save it is J.B. Esser. At least it is not the boy-scout I think to myself. Nothing else has clicked.

Later that day: Editing the Obituaries page - reading over the obit of J.B. Esser. Died in an automobile accident. Originally from Topeka. A father and a grandfather. Leaves behind his trusty dog. It clicked.

I had met this man about 10 days before he died. The rest of the day, my mind couldn't escape having seen this man and his dog. He was perfectly healthy, happy and seemed like a genuine guy. How fast can life be over?

I re-read the article the newspaper printed on the accident. J.B. missed a stop-sign. His pick-up collided with a semi-truck. The driver of the semi was unhurt.

While this little connection, little coincident, ironic event has made me realize more than ever how we should really live each day to the fullest - I can't help but hope J.B. made that trip to Topeka. According to the obituary his parents, sisters and brothers all resided up there. Maybe he got to have a nice time with family. Maybe he got to tell his family he loved them. I hope he did. For that boy-scout, I hope he remembers the good times with his grandfather and how happy and proud his grandfather was on the day of that photo.

{Stay Tuned}