Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mary Kate and Ashley Called

If Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen called me and asked me to get lunch this is what I would wear. I would attempt the whole bohemian look but this is as bohemian as I would get.

I found the dress on J.C. Penny's website and thanks to Harper's Bazaar Magazine and their top 6 trends of fall, know that floral dresses are a must have. But if your like me (poor), snap one off the summer clearance rack that can be used in layering and it becomes a fall piece. Check out all the items above on {Stuff Under 20} as I was their guest blogger today!

{Stay Tuned}

P.S. Like Stuff Under 20? Me too! And guess what? They like me! So much that they asked me to be a permanent blogger on their site. More details to follow here.

Monday, September 28, 2009

How did I land a job?

I was fortunate to get a few snippets of why The Southwest Times hired me as their newest reporter during my interview process.  I want to take the time to share it because I think it might be helpful for others in future interview process.  
  1. Enthusiasm. They said I was the most enthusiastic person they interviewed during the phone interview process.  My reaction: I was nervous for the phone interview but I was excited I had an interview.  Plus they were asking me questions about my past experience and why I wanted to be a reporter. Hello,  I got to talk about myself. That was easy.  As silly as this next part is going to sound I am going to go ahead and type it.  When I worked at Target as the store operator, I was told to smile when I answered the phone.  They said the smile would come across into my voice. Try it sometime. It actually works. 
  2. Getting the Scoop. For the phone interview process, I was given a few examples of a possible story and was then told to explain what I would do to get "the scoop".  I said I would first do research and find out what the background of the incident was.  Then I would contact all parties involved for an interview and from there have the story.  Apparently, in one example that was given to all ten phone interview candidates I was the only one that said I would begin with research and speak to all parties involved.  Everyone else just said they would only contact the main influential player.  Elon taught me that a creditable story is one with multiple sources and research.  That was such a standard answer for me and one I thought everyone else would give as well.  
  3. Question Master. They said I asked questions and good ones.  I asked not only about the newspaper but about the community and the area. Well, considering I had never heard of Liberal till about a week ago that came natural for me.  And while, I guess asking if Liberal had been effected by H1N1 or the current economic downfall of this country sounded like I wanted to know about possible news stories, I actually just was curious if I needed to bring Purell and to brace myself for what kind of status this town was in.  
Bottom line, interview process was just very natural for me.  I answered truthfully and was myself the entire time.  I didn't try to be something I wasn't or present myself in a false light. And that's the best piece of advise I can pass on.  

{Stay Tuned} 

P.S. Only one reported case of H1N1 in the county and Liberal was not effected very heavily by economic hard times.  The main industry there is meat packing (think Kansas City Beef) and well, people aren't stopping to eat beef these days. 

Friday, September 25, 2009

Leaving Kansas...for a week

I am leaving today to go back to Ohio.  How things have changed since last week.  I am leaving Kansas with a whole new plan for the next week, month and year of my life.  I am officially moving to Kansas the Weekend of October 2nd and begin work on Monday, October 5th.  Basically in a week I will be back in Kansas.  My goal today is to figure out and make a decision on housing before I head out of town for the drive to Wichita. Flying from Wichita to Ohio tonight.  I'll keep everyone posted.  I have a few options that I did research a bit on Thursday. But need to do further research and make sure Tiger Lilly can live with me.  

I want to thank all my friends, Twitter friends, and blog readers for all their on going support and encouraging comments this week.  I did get some questions and I'll go ahead and answer them at this time.  

Yes, I will continue to blog.  Hello, exciting things are on the horizon and I want you all to know. 

No, I will not be changing my blog name. People know me as the Boomerang Lady and well, you could say I am boomeranging to Kansas. 

Yes, my parents are completely on board.  They have been very supportive and they can tell how pumped and excited  I am.  I think that helped a lot. 

Yes, still be guest blogging for {Stuff Under Twenty}.

Probably be pulling back on The Examiner and I did officially call the Gap store in Cincinnati and quit.  I only held that job for one week! Felt bad about it but it was always a "something in the meantime". 

Anymore questions leave them here and I promise to answer.  Anyways got to get a move on.  

{Stay Tuned}

P.S. Photo above from the entrance of Dorothy's house and below is Munch-kin land. 

Thursday, September 24, 2009

And I Can't Get "Sequin Shoes" Out of My Mind

Leave it to Dorothy Gale of my new town, Liberal, Kansas to inspire this post.  Dorothy will always be known for Ruby Red Slippers.  Well, Dorothy red is great and all but I think it might be a little to "lady of the night" for my taste. Here's the deal I'll wear sequins on my feet but more along the lines of silver, gold and black colors.  Check these out. 
  1. Kansas born Kate Spade knows her roots with these sequin, satin and bow, 3 inch Sling back heels. {Carly} A steep $375
  2. I'll take some {Sequin Ribbon Booties} from Charlotte Russe.  At $29.99 I think these are perfect for a little night out on the town. 
  3. Not in the mood for a sparkly bootie, then {Peep Toe Sequin Heels} from Windsor might be your style.  Apparently these sequins change from silver to black.  Priced at $34.90. 
  4. Jones New York {My Hero Sequined Flat} comes with a mixture of silver and gold.  Therefore no worries on matching your jewelry.  Priced at $49.99 on DSW.com.
{Stay Tuned} I'll let you know if I get a sparkly pair of new shoes.

P.S. Photo above from inside Dorothy's house. That would be Dorothy's bedroom and notice her rudy red slippers. 

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Somewhere Over the Rainbow...

You know the song.  "Somewhere Over the Rainbow". Well, that somewhere over the rainbow is Liberal, Kansas for me.  Today, in Liberal I interviewed for a reporter position with The Southwest Times.  And in Liberal, today, my somewhere over the rainbow, I got offered a job!

Newspaper reporter: covering specifically the county government meetings, the school board, the hospital and general assignments that come up with feature writing. Pay is good. Benefits, yes are available. The staff young.  The desk comes with a Mac with Adobe programs.  The newspaper is owned by a media company that most of their papers are in the South (which included papers in Georgia/Kentucky...so future newspapers jobs are looking my way).  It is perfect!  

Not perfect is being so far away from my parents, sister, friends, and everything I know.  But this is just too good of an offer.  This is the opportunity.  This is where I need to be.  And that is why I am accepting the position tomorrow morning.  

Move over Dorothy, I am coming to Kansas and I am bring Tiger Lily.  So warn Totto she is a feisty little orange cat. Coming to begin my "Somewhere Over the Rainbow...skies are blue. And the dreams that you dare to dream. Really do come true." 
"That's where you'll find me."

{Stay Tuned} Move is early October!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Guest Blogging on Stuff Under 20 (Third Times A Charm)

If you happened to check out the very awesome fashion blog {Stuff Under 20} then you know...I was yet again N & S 's guest blogger today! Check me out!

{Post I}, {Post II}, {Post III}, {Post IV}, {Post V} and {Post VI}.

I wanted to create a look for getting drinks with friends on say a Thursday night. Thinking about the colder temperatures upon us, I went with dark denim, sleeveless top but paired with a cute cardigan to keep us warm. I had to thrown in a little detail and we all know I am a fan of the flower jewelry. Not to mention, I love this Target tote. Regretting I did not buy one over 2 weeks ago. Hope you like this look.

{Stay Tune}

P.S. I made it to Kansas! So far so good!

Monday, September 21, 2009

A Little Hectic

The days before an interview is always a little hectic. 

You want to mentally prepare. Research the company. Have questions ready.  

You want to be interview ready. Simple jewelry. Professional suit or outfit. Nails done. Hair and make-up looking good.  

You want to know how to get there, confirm times and who is interviewing you.  

Well, when you do that for an "out of town" job and one that happens to be a plane ride away...it suddenly becomes a lot more hectic. Am I packing everything I might possibly need? 

As of right now the packing is half done. Got to iron a few items tonight and stick them in my bag along with toiletries in the morning.  So I am basically ready.  But the key word is "I". My parents on the other hand aren't exactly.   

Mom, Dad and I sat down for a talk today and let's just say they have quite a lot of concerns. 
  • The distance
  • I'll get paid peanuts
  • I'll hate it
  • After a few months I'll get laid off due to the economy
  • I wouldn't be home for the holidays
  • I'll be taken advantage of professionally
  • I wouldn't know anyone in a five hour radius
  • Adjusting to small town life 
The list could continue.  My parents have valid points and are being lets say "very protective".  But it is quite difficult to hear these things from my parents because I feel like they don't think I, myself, haven't already thought of them.  

I tossed and turned in bed on Thursday night thinking about it all.  I know what I am up against.  Pretty much all things mentioned above. I've thought about them.  But the truth is I've tackled many of these issues last year working in Chapel Hill.  I've know that this was a pretty likely picture of what my next career move would be. You have to start small.  Nothing in my situation is forever and I truly believe this opportunity wouldn't have come to me with out myself suppose to be getting something out of it.  Make sense? 

Tomorrow off to Kansas! Let's tackle the interview, have fun and really get to see all Liberal has to offer. Then I'll get to the very valid issues.  

{Stay Tune}

Friday, September 18, 2009

Hello, beautiful Nordstrom

Nordstrom comes to Cincinnati in one week! Hello, beautiful!

You may remember that I am a huge Nordstrom fan. Last weekend, I got a sneak peak look at the store as Nordstrom's Lingerie department opened their doors for a "Nordstrom Fits America" event.  I was fitted, got to taste coffee's from their little coffee shop, tasted some back goods from the restaurant and even purchased a bra with proceeds going to Susan G. Komen for the Cure. 
While we were only welcomed into the Lingerie department I did peak around.  Although not all departments have been set the store is looking beautiful and I can't wait for the doors to open on September 25th at 10 A.M. 

{Stay Tuned} Although, broke and living at home I might just make a fashion must have purchase at Nordstrom in the next few weeks. Besides the lovely violet bra. 

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Welcome to Hysteria! A Thursday in my life!

This is one of those where do I even begin kind of stories. 

But we could start here. A few weeks ago I read an article that said apply to all jobs (even the ones your not qualified for). Your odds become greater in achieving a position with the more positions you apply for.  

Or we could start here.  With President Obama's speech on Tuesday in Lordstown, Ohio...

My first reaction, was like "Okay Obama!" as I watched it on  {NBC Nightly News}.  But about an hour after got a phone call from Liberal, Kansas.  The Southwestern Times called to say they would like to schedule a phone interview for the following day.  Yes, I said.  I was literally flabbergasted. This was for a reporter position I had emailed and applied to less then 24 hours ago.  

Where is Liberal? I didn't even know!  It was just a job I applied for never thinking they would contact me or even if they did so soon.  But their ad on {JournalismJobs.Com} asked for everything I was.  And it was for everything I was looking for.  

But I soon found out where Liberal is.  It happens to be Western Kansas near Oklahoma, Colorado and closes major city is Amarillo, Texas.  It is also a 16 hour drive from Loveland, Ohio.  

My Mom had quite the reaction. But it is best if I save that for another blog post.  

The phone interview was Wednesday at Noon.  The news editor called me and asked me a variety of questions concerning past employment, my education and what I was interested to do.  He also gave me scenarios and asked about who I would interview first and what angle I would take to that particular story.  I felt so at ease and answered all the questions truthful. I just felt it went so well.  I was excited about this.  But the whole Kansas thing was a factor in the back of my mine.  As many of you know I had been in this same spot before and I mean earlier this summer. It could be I never hear from this particular newspaper again. Count it like the others as a learning process. I told myself let's just see what happens here. 

More happened.  

A bit before noon today, the publisher of the newspaper called me and invited me to Kansas personally for a in-person interview.  This phone call went very well in the sense that he explained the position a bit more to me.  I will be officially interviewing on Wednesday but arriving on Tuesday and having a follow-up interview on Thursday.  The newspaper is paying for my stay while in Liberal next week.  But if I get the position, they would pay for a  two weeks stay at a local hotel until I found housing.  And they would advance me first months rent and utilities until I got seattle.   Plus don't forget the salary is good for the location and I get full benefits.  

Now before you get all (Charlottesville area Virginia) on me.  I know this is a complete leap of faith.  But I have to say, the publisher said to me on the phone today that they don't invite people to interview in-person without seriously considering the candidate.  He said he felt this was more for my benefit with confirming that I could like living in Liberal and was at ease with working with the staff already on board. The truth is that I might be offered the position if all goes well next week.  I can determine how well it goes. 

My head was completely spinning at Noon.  It has been spinning all day since.  I am not even sure if this blog post is going to come out coherent.  But that is the back story of today.  The rest of the day has been trying to figure out how to be in Liberal next week and what to do about the Gap (my part-time job that I started on Sunday).  

Figuring out how to get there was the easy part.  

Tuesday:  Fly from Dayton, Ohio to Wichita, Kansas on AirTran Airways.  Arrive in Wichita at 12:30 P.M. and rent a car with Avis.  Drive the 3 hours from Wichita to Liberal and be there by 4 P.M. 
And then on Friday (reverse it). 

The Gap = Hard Part. I just started (this past Sunday) and am scheduled next Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday! But I did the right thing and called the store's General Manager and completely told her the truth.  I explained it all.  She was so great about it and we ended on the lines of if the position in Kansas doesn't work out to call and I would be placed on the schedule.  I just felt horrible about it but I can't not go to Kansas. This could be the break I have been waiting for.  

With that said...I am taking a leap of faith and going for it all.  I am feeling so good about this.  I am excited and want this to happen.  Everything happens for a reason. I promise to keep all my readers, friends, family and more posted on everything next week.  I promise stories, photos of Liberal and more.  

{Stay Tuned} 

P.S. I told you the life of a Boomerang Lady is never boring.  Am I right?

P.S.S. Think you have heard of Liberal? Well, it is the official home of Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. Not even kidding! 

And I Can't Get "Chain Strap Handbags" Out of My Mind

Oh la la....I love these!

I cannot get the chain styled handbag strap out of my mine!  I have been seeing it everywhere and from every designer to every Mall styled store.  But here are my six picks!

  1. Who doesn't love a little color? Obviously not Michael Kors and his Jamesport Small Shoulder Bag in Marigold Yellow.  Priced at $174. 
  2. Animal print anyone?  New York and Company have created this City Style Chain Strap Zebra Satchel at $39.50.
  3. Tory Burch knows how to make a bag to go out on the town with and in real leather.  Check out this Leather Reva Clutch at a steep $350 from Sak's but the leather is super soft and has Tory's traditional trademark symbol on the front flap. 
  4. For those who like a lot of color in their handbags take a look at the MAXX New York Small Chain Shoulder Bag from Nordstrom at $43.90. 
  5. BCBG did it with not only a chain like style shoulder strap but with a braided style also.  This BCBGeneration Shoulder Bag is available on Overstock.Com for $34.99.
  6. There are handbags and then there are Kate's handbags.  I love this Kate Spade Bon Vivant Lilia Patent Leather Tote from Sak's at $425. It might be the color, the size, the shinny patent leather or maybe the sweet little bow that ties it all together. 
  7. I see this as the ultimate club bag this fall.  The shoulder strap can go across the body...great for dancing.  And it is ultra cool and you can tell all your friends it was made from recycled leather jackets! Leave it to Urban Outfitters to be that cool.  Urban Renewal Leather Chain Strap Bag at $38. 
  8. For those that want a bag they can carry all the time then take a look at Nine West Ranya Medium Satchel at $61.99.  It comes in black, tan and a nice light blue.  The shape is very classic and has nice side compartments. 
(Stay Tuned)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Let me paint you a picture of my generation...

While career searching online I found an article with some results I think we all might be a little bit interested in.

The article "1 in 3 Young Workers Live With Their Parents" by Ellie Behling was quite interesting and entertaining with stats like the following:

  • Thirty-one percent of surveyed young workers reported being uninsured, up from 24% 10 years ago (almost half cited the reason as being unable to afford it). (Guilty)
  • Twenty-four percent make less than they need just to pay their monthly bills, up from 10% in 1999 (only 31% make enough to pay bills and put money aside—down 22 percentage points from 1999). (True a year ago...or basically what I brought in went to supporting myself)
  • More than one in three young workers live with their parents. (True since August)
  • More than half (51%) of young workers do not have a retirement plan, up from 41% in 1999. (Retirement? I am just trying to get through 2009!)
Does anyone feel like Bridget Jones in the scene at a dinner party when she begins to be harped on for being single. Bridget asks "Is it 1 in 4 marriages or 1 in 3 marriages that ends in divorce?" When Mark answers, "1 in 3". I feel like my next outing with people my own age may now go similarly.

{Stay Tuned} as I attempt to fly the coup.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I am Back...at the Gap

I decided to let God play this one out.  On September 1st, 2009 I applied to work at a Gap store in Cincinnati.  I previously worked at the store at Southpoint in Durham.  Although, I am trying to get a "real" job I needed something in the mean time.  Labor Day I got the call to set up an interview.  Wednesday I interviewed and left thinking the interview had been horrible.  (It ended up being a group interview with myself always answering the questions second.  I felt like I kept agreeing and had no great answers from the other interviewee.) But somehow I must have done decent because Saturday they called offering me a position and Sunday I started! Quick, ehh?

I have to say I was surprisingly chipper as I got ready for work on Sunday.  I was not nervous but excited to start and get back in the groove of working.  I really had enjoyed my past experience at the Gap Durham.  I made great friends, had fun at work, loved the discount and enjoyed my job.  I especially love helping older women who say they could never fit into Gap Jeans and then I bring them a few to try and they fall in love with one pair!  Those were my favorite customers!  

I am back...at the Gap!  If your in the Cincinnati area stop by the Rookwood store and say, Hi! 

But for those that might ask the question about the job search, Examiner, Guest Blogging, Blogging in general, I plan on continuing to do all the above.  I am just going to have some extra cash, meet people, have some 1969 denim and feel like apart of society again. 

{Stay Tuned}

Monday, September 14, 2009

Guest Blogging on Stuff Under 20

It happened again! I was a Guest Blogger on the incredible {Stuff Under 20} blog today! So please check out my six posts and the great casual Fall look I put together.

{Post I}, {Post II}, {Post III}, {Post IV}, {Post V} and {Post VI}.
If you click on the above links you will get links that will lead you straight to purchase these fantastic pieces.

{Stay Tuned}

P.S. This is a look under $100 at $81.79

What am I suppose to make of this?

On Saturday I received the above letter in the mail.  While I love to get mail this one is confusing in the sense of is it good news or bad news? 

It comes from The Courier newspaper of Findlay, Ohio.  I applied for a reporter position with their newspaper earlier in the week.  

But this is what the letter says: "Yes, I'm sorry, this is a form letter. But I wanted to give you the courtesy of a reply to your application and to tell you we will consider it. We will get back to you only  if we have questions or if we would like to have you in for an interview. Good luck to you."

What to make of this? Good news to know that the newspaper received the items I sent up their way but bad news in the sense that they are still considering it and will only get back to me with either questions or an interview.  Then the letter ends with a "Good Luck to you".  Mix signals. 

{Stay Tuned} I'll keep you all posted!

Friday, September 11, 2009

What makes me smile on a Friday

A lot of things make me smile. InStyle's 15 Year Anniversary September Issue, The Thursday Night Drinking Club, Pumpkins at the grocery store, snail mail, flavored coffee, Tiger Lily laying in the sun, *a morning run (*well some of the time), and the list could go on and on. 

But here are some highlights that specifically happened yesterday...

A text message from a friend that said she had lined up an interview! Congratulations and knock them dead.  (Yes, my phone is very circa 2002)

Another inspiring 24 year old made it in the media. The Daily Beast hired a Lucas Whittmann as the new Books Editor.  Whittmann comes from serving two years as an editorial assistant at as publishing house. Read the story on {The New York Observer}.  Again, editorial assistant is an entry level job with a college degree. 

Also, I updated my links on the right side of my page.  When I first created this blog I listed several wedding blogs and while I still look at wedding blogs I acknowledge that many of my readers might not. Check them out.  There are some great ones in there. 

Happy Weekend! 

(Stay Tuned} I promise some great posts next week. 

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Movie: Groundhog Day

"What would you do if you were stuck in one place and everyday was exactly the same and nothing you did mattered?" 
-Bill Murray, Groundhog Day

I now understand.  It is what the unemployed feel every day.  Here, we are waking up every day with the objected to get a job.  So we do the same routine daily. Check online search engines, read the classifieds, hope for a happy email, get rejected and then we do it again. We do it again, because we have to keep going. But what are we going to do about it? How are we going to make it matter? 

The only answer I can give is make it matter.  Keep a positive outlook and remember that good things will come.  And in the meantime, find something that does matter like say begin a blog about your struggles, hardships, life goals and random thoughts.  

You now know why I am here. 

{Stay Tuned}

P.S. Bill Murray eventually does get unstuck, the day is different and what he does mattered. 

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Stuff Under 20 Guest Blogger, The Examiner, Nick Lachey, College Football and The Gap!

I've been very excited to announce that today on {Stuff Under 20} I am a guest blogger! Please check out all six of my posts and leave a comment if you like my stuff. Last month, Lexi from {The Motherload} sent me a Twitter message to let me know she had heard that N & S from {Stuff Under 20} were looking for guests bloggers. Of course, I jumped at the chance to be apart of their amazing blog and was ecstatic to hear they thought I would make a great guests blogger.

I wanted to go with a theme (even though not required) and I wanted it to be trendy, timely, and include accessories. So I went with the jewel tones of fall. Check out {Post I}, {Post II}, {Post III}, {Post IV}, {Post V} and {Post VI}.

In other updates, my second article went live on {The Examiner Cincinnati}. Please check it out when you get a chance. I recently heard about a stylist who did a 31 day experiment of wearing the same black dress and changing the look each day with different accessories. The end result is quite good and I think it shows how great an outfit can be by just adding something extra like a belt, hand bag, necklace, watch or scarf.

On Sunday, I got a call from The Gap store in Cincinnati I applied to. Guest what? They scheduled an interview with me. I'll let you know what becomes of my interview and possible employment back at the Gap.

Back tracking a little in my week, I final had a very Cincinnati experience. {Nick Lachey} is from Cincinnati and comes back in town quite often. My Mom saw Nick and Jessica Simpson once at a restaurant. My Dad saw Nick at the airport once. But I had yet to "see him". On Thursday, my friends and I were leaving a bar in downtown Cincinnati and I look ahead on the street to see Nick. At first I was wondering how I recognized that person. But then it hit me! It was Nick! And Vanessa!

Lastly, I did want to share a few photos of my College Football Saturday. I went to the University of Kentucky vs. Miami University game at Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati. Final Score 42-0 Kentucky. C - A - T- S! Cats! Cats!

{Stay Tuned}

Let's Boomerang Back to My Former Career Part III

Last May I worked on quite a wedding.  A wedding fit for a king and queen or for a NFL football player and his wife.  I snapped these shots of the reception room as set-up was coming to an end. This wedding was quite the set-up.  We had rain. The day-off team (aka Friday, Saturday and Sunday team) worked through rain to unload the trucks with all the furniture on Friday. On Saturday,  we had to go with a last minute change of an indoor ceremony.  With a late start to the ceremony and reception, we cleaned up till 5:30 A.M. on Sunday morning. No Joke! Don't ask me if I slept that weekend! 

Can you say a little stressful and full of working under pressure? 

When reading job descriptions online and seeing the "must be able to work under pressure" I laugh a little.  You'll never know what it is like to work well under pressure until you've worked a wedding.  (And throw in a guest list of 200, last minute ceremony change, a bar situation at 9 P.M. , and well, a few more issues and you have this wedding.) Despite the issues it turned out beautiful and with pictures of an event that was a true party. 

Please head over to the photographer, {Ross Oscar Knight's}, blog posts {Post I} and {Post II}to see all the shots of the beautiful bride and groom. Love the shots of the flowers and bouquets.  I loved the royal purple!

{Stay Tuned}

Friday, September 4, 2009

Job "Frenzy"

I am going to be honest, I don't know what job "frenzy" means.  I just feel like I have heard it in passing recently and I nod my head like I know what we are referring to.  I even goggled "Job Frenzy" and found no clear definition but a website.  Maybe it will help a few of us out.  It is a job search engine.  {Click here to check it out}

But the really reason I am blogging about this on a Friday is because I am having a fantastic week in the job search. Now, before you get all congratulations on me beware I said "job search". I have found splendid jobs to apply for this week.  Jobs I know I can do, do well and want to do.  Not to mention the locations are ideal (Greensboro, NC, Cincinnati, New York, Northern Ohio, Washington D.C.).  If I could land an interview with any of them, I would be happier then a bride on her wedding day. Anyways, I am having the greatest end of the week. I really feel joyful and optimistic about what might come.  But I have to say a lot of it comes from my wonderful friends/readers.  I got a few emails this week really inspiring me to keep going.  Then there was the change of heart on {September 1st} and the inspiring article you should read.  

I do have to congratulate two of my friends who earlier this year both experienced the job lay off thing and months of unemployment.  Both received word on Friday, August 21st about offers for jobs.  Both started training this week. I am convinced that both will kick butt and be stellar. Congrats to Courtney J and Steffanie. 

On to my weekend.  This weekend has always marked the final weekend of summer for me.  So as I embark on this holiday weekend with plans so fall, I wonder where summer went? The sister is coming home from a month away at college and Saturday, we are all headed down to the river to watch "Rumble on the River", a college football match between Miami University and University of Kentucky.  C-A-T-S! Cats! Cats! (No, I did not make that up.) 

May your holiday weekend be full of whatever season you hope it to be!

{Stay Tuned}

Thursday, September 3, 2009

My Very First Examiner Article

My first Examiner article went live today.  It said it would take a few days but it didn't.  

Anyways, it is a quick read about ladies ankle boots for fall and previews the four I like.  Please click over when you have a chance and support me as the {Cincinnati Accessories Examiner}.  You can also read my bio while there or leave a comment, like a Kirstin did a few short minutes after it was posted. 

{Stay Tuned}

And I Can't Get "Blog Contest" Out of My Mind

Last Thursday, I was delighted to know I had won my first ever Blog Contest!  It was on the{Lucky Me! Blog} of Lucky Designs. The Prize was a $50 gift card to {Moments of Elegance}.  That may or may not be a wedding favor website but hey, it was worth a shot at entering. What are the odds?

Then I saw this...
I won!  It was a comment contest where I just left a comment on the Lucky Me! Moments of Elegance post. So simple and yet, I walked away with a $50 gift card.  So what did a girl get that happens to not be getting married any time soon?

Well, I got a cashmere scarf with my initial on it and four glass grape place holders!  Perfect for a wine and cheese party! I just have to host one sometime soon. I just wanted to thank Erin of Lucky Me! again for the contest and the prize.  But this brings me to my point of my post! You can win too!  Below is a list of contest you can enter and win too!

  1. {Stuff Under 20} Giveaway from Brooklyn Thread. Love the jewelry. 
  2. {Practically Perfect} Giveaway that includes Mary Poppins DVD, Korres Sugar Crystal Antioxidant, Sebastian Hair Care and Crabtree and Evelyn Candelas. What a prize pack. 
I can't think of other ones going on right now but I'll add comments though out this weekend if anything comes to mind. 

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wednesday's Movie: The Soloist

I haven't been much of a movie renter this summer but this past weekend I finally got caught up.  {The Curious Case of Benjamin Button}, {New in Town} and {The Soloist} fluttered on my parents beautiful wide screen, flat screen, HD, a picture of perfect TV last weekend.  

You might be surprised as to which film "wowed" me the most.  It was {The Soloist}. The film came out earlier this year with Jamie Foxx and Robert Downey Jr. in the lead parts. I hadn't wanted to see it because it was one of those trailers that I just thought looked like it would lead to a movie going experience where I would used more tissues then when I saw The Notebook.  

Surprise, surprise there were no tears but a new outlook on what it means to be a friend and the power of being someone's story teller. 

The movie takes place in Los Angeles in September of 2005.  Downey's plays Lopez a columnist for the Los Angeles Times.  Foxx plays Nathaniel Ayers, a drop out cellist of Juilliard and a homeless man that has been on the street for three decades.  As you would imagine, they meet by chance. Lopez becomes fascinated with this talented musician man who is currently playing a two stringed violin beautifully and ranting about Juilliard. Lopez immediately thinks story.  It begins as a story.  However, Lopez begins to learn there is so much to this story and he has the ability to tell it and with the ability to create a better life for Ayers.  Along the way of Lopez's going for the story we learn of Ayers actual talent on the cello, his troubling mental state and his survival on the streets. 

Now if this is getting to Lifetime Movie network for you, I assure you this film has so much more to offer.  Not to be a spoiler but what we learn from this movie is that some things are bigger then the help of one person and the ability to just be there as a friend can be more helpful then anything else.  

It is my hope that the next time you have a few few hours for a film consider watching The Soloist.  I think the true story and the message at the end will be more worth it then watching Brad Pitt get hotter and hotter or Renee Zellweger going from stilettos to Uggs in Minnesota. 

{Stay Tuned}

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September 1st

I know I blogged yesterday about sticking to a deadline and beginning that "something in the meantime".  However, I have had a bit of a change of heart and my spirits are raised. Of course this was after I did apply to work at a Gap store in Cincinnati.  (We will leave that at chance if they call me for an interview).  

{Nicole Galletta} has a stellar blog and we have connected on Twitter.  She is like me in the sense that she recently moved back home to Savannah after living in Atlanta for four years.  She blogs about music, design, weddings, culture and always has some funny videos up.  

Nicole knows what I am going through as well as many other Americans on the whole unemployed thing.  She kindly twittered me this afternoon with a link to an online article by Harrison Barnes {Frustration, Rejection, Sylvester Stallone & Rocky}.  Well, it literally spoke to me today.  I admit it is a bit long and I know there are quite a lot of skimmers out there but I hope everyone can read this and remember this. 

"One of the secrets of FedEx and anyone who is able to achieve outstanding success is the ability to handle frustration and the ability to deal with rejection.  If you cannot deal with rejection and frustration you might as well give up now.  The most successful people out there generally deal with a tremendous amount of frustration and rejection until they reach their goals.  Having the ability to maintain a positive attitude and stay disciplined in the face of frustration and rejection enables you to be strong and to achieve the goals you are seeking to achieve.  You need to become an expert in failing because the more you fail the more you will learn." Harrison Barnes

It really gave me a different outlook on the rejection I have faced these past few months while job searching. I've been pretty honest on the blog about my fear of rejection but I really need to just take it with a grain of salt and keep going.  With that said, my September goal is to stare at rejection and laugh.  I am going to keep going.  Nothing will stand in my way in the job search.  

On another note, my other goal of September is....
Reading.  I have read quite a few books this summer but for the first time in my entire life, I am having trouble finishing a book. Above are five books I have begun in the last few months but haven't finished.  If you look closely you can even see my bookmarks. 

I leave you as I do a little reading.  Hopefully by October, I will have finished all five books and will only be reading one book, have a job and have leather riding boots in my closet!

{Stay Tuned}

I Want to be a COED Again for $102

I failed on my second week of creating looks for under a $100. 

But the truth is I created this and then did the calculations bringing me to $102.27. Close enough....right?
Last weekend, I went up to Miami University in Oxford, Ohio with some of my friends to well, let's be honest "party" and "relive our college days for one night".  I did not attend Miami University but do have an education on well, their local bars and the local college look.  Although, I still sport jeans and a J. Crew sweater from time to time, I am jealous of those wearing it attending classes and not dealing with the whole real world thing.  Tip for those in college, enjoy it!
  1. {The Stella Barely Boot Cut Jean in distress from Express} at $49.50.  This season, skinny is in.  But not everyone looks good in skinny and thats why I love this jean from Express as a barely boot cut.  Think a little wide but cut close enough to possibly tuck in a boot.  This jean works for several looks and right now, Express has their buy one jean get the next 50% off.  Oh and I forgot to mention this jean comes in a regular, short and long. Can it get any better. 
  2. {Merino Flutter Trim Tunic from J. Crew} at $29.99. I admit I went to a school that at times was nick named J. Crew U. I couldn't create a post for college with out a little J. Crew. Plus this top has some fun detailing at the sleeves, neck and bottom. 
  3. {Peace Triple Chain Necklace from Forever 21} at $4.80. Compliments the v-neck tunic and who doesn't love peace. 
  4. {Groove Women's Charmer Gladiator Sandal from Overstock.com} at $12.99. Ideally, gladiators are more for show in the shorts, skirts and dresses of the summer.  But the bronzed color is ideal for fall and be a cute peep from a long dark jean. Plus, easy to walk in all across campus. 
  5. {Sublime Sunglasses from Urban Outfitters} at $4.99.  Who can beat sunglasses for under $5? I would not have guessed Urban but I'll take them. 
Ready for school?

{Stay Tuned for more looks around $100}