Thursday, September 17, 2009

And I Can't Get "Chain Strap Handbags" Out of My Mind

Oh la la....I love these!

I cannot get the chain styled handbag strap out of my mine!  I have been seeing it everywhere and from every designer to every Mall styled store.  But here are my six picks!

  1. Who doesn't love a little color? Obviously not Michael Kors and his Jamesport Small Shoulder Bag in Marigold Yellow.  Priced at $174. 
  2. Animal print anyone?  New York and Company have created this City Style Chain Strap Zebra Satchel at $39.50.
  3. Tory Burch knows how to make a bag to go out on the town with and in real leather.  Check out this Leather Reva Clutch at a steep $350 from Sak's but the leather is super soft and has Tory's traditional trademark symbol on the front flap. 
  4. For those who like a lot of color in their handbags take a look at the MAXX New York Small Chain Shoulder Bag from Nordstrom at $43.90. 
  5. BCBG did it with not only a chain like style shoulder strap but with a braided style also.  This BCBGeneration Shoulder Bag is available on Overstock.Com for $34.99.
  6. There are handbags and then there are Kate's handbags.  I love this Kate Spade Bon Vivant Lilia Patent Leather Tote from Sak's at $425. It might be the color, the size, the shinny patent leather or maybe the sweet little bow that ties it all together. 
  7. I see this as the ultimate club bag this fall.  The shoulder strap can go across the body...great for dancing.  And it is ultra cool and you can tell all your friends it was made from recycled leather jackets! Leave it to Urban Outfitters to be that cool.  Urban Renewal Leather Chain Strap Bag at $38. 
  8. For those that want a bag they can carry all the time then take a look at Nine West Ranya Medium Satchel at $61.99.  It comes in black, tan and a nice light blue.  The shape is very classic and has nice side compartments. 
(Stay Tuned)


CrazyGirl Nation | Advice for Crazy Girls and the People Who Love Us! said...

Ooh...I need to get on this chain-strap fashion. I wonder if/when Target or Forever 21 will come out with something.

Lan L. Davis said...

Nice bag. Very beautiful to see. Wonderful, standard and fashionable . Preferable to all. Color and designs are perfect. nice combination . Hoping to have like this.
Love to see your classic and sweet Hand bag valentine.Thank you very much.....