Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I Want to be a COED Again for $102

I failed on my second week of creating looks for under a $100. 

But the truth is I created this and then did the calculations bringing me to $102.27. Close enough....right?
Last weekend, I went up to Miami University in Oxford, Ohio with some of my friends to well, let's be honest "party" and "relive our college days for one night".  I did not attend Miami University but do have an education on well, their local bars and the local college look.  Although, I still sport jeans and a J. Crew sweater from time to time, I am jealous of those wearing it attending classes and not dealing with the whole real world thing.  Tip for those in college, enjoy it!
  1. {The Stella Barely Boot Cut Jean in distress from Express} at $49.50.  This season, skinny is in.  But not everyone looks good in skinny and thats why I love this jean from Express as a barely boot cut.  Think a little wide but cut close enough to possibly tuck in a boot.  This jean works for several looks and right now, Express has their buy one jean get the next 50% off.  Oh and I forgot to mention this jean comes in a regular, short and long. Can it get any better. 
  2. {Merino Flutter Trim Tunic from J. Crew} at $29.99. I admit I went to a school that at times was nick named J. Crew U. I couldn't create a post for college with out a little J. Crew. Plus this top has some fun detailing at the sleeves, neck and bottom. 
  3. {Peace Triple Chain Necklace from Forever 21} at $4.80. Compliments the v-neck tunic and who doesn't love peace. 
  4. {Groove Women's Charmer Gladiator Sandal from Overstock.com} at $12.99. Ideally, gladiators are more for show in the shorts, skirts and dresses of the summer.  But the bronzed color is ideal for fall and be a cute peep from a long dark jean. Plus, easy to walk in all across campus. 
  5. {Sublime Sunglasses from Urban Outfitters} at $4.99.  Who can beat sunglasses for under $5? I would not have guessed Urban but I'll take them. 
Ready for school?

{Stay Tuned for more looks around $100}

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