Friday, September 11, 2009

What makes me smile on a Friday

A lot of things make me smile. InStyle's 15 Year Anniversary September Issue, The Thursday Night Drinking Club, Pumpkins at the grocery store, snail mail, flavored coffee, Tiger Lily laying in the sun, *a morning run (*well some of the time), and the list could go on and on. 

But here are some highlights that specifically happened yesterday...

A text message from a friend that said she had lined up an interview! Congratulations and knock them dead.  (Yes, my phone is very circa 2002)

Another inspiring 24 year old made it in the media. The Daily Beast hired a Lucas Whittmann as the new Books Editor.  Whittmann comes from serving two years as an editorial assistant at as publishing house. Read the story on {The New York Observer}.  Again, editorial assistant is an entry level job with a college degree. 

Also, I updated my links on the right side of my page.  When I first created this blog I listed several wedding blogs and while I still look at wedding blogs I acknowledge that many of my readers might not. Check them out.  There are some great ones in there. 

Happy Weekend! 

(Stay Tuned} I promise some great posts next week. 

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