Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Let's Boomerang Back to My Former Career Part III

Last May I worked on quite a wedding.  A wedding fit for a king and queen or for a NFL football player and his wife.  I snapped these shots of the reception room as set-up was coming to an end. This wedding was quite the set-up.  We had rain. The day-off team (aka Friday, Saturday and Sunday team) worked through rain to unload the trucks with all the furniture on Friday. On Saturday,  we had to go with a last minute change of an indoor ceremony.  With a late start to the ceremony and reception, we cleaned up till 5:30 A.M. on Sunday morning. No Joke! Don't ask me if I slept that weekend! 

Can you say a little stressful and full of working under pressure? 

When reading job descriptions online and seeing the "must be able to work under pressure" I laugh a little.  You'll never know what it is like to work well under pressure until you've worked a wedding.  (And throw in a guest list of 200, last minute ceremony change, a bar situation at 9 P.M. , and well, a few more issues and you have this wedding.) Despite the issues it turned out beautiful and with pictures of an event that was a true party. 

Please head over to the photographer, {Ross Oscar Knight's}, blog posts {Post I} and {Post II}to see all the shots of the beautiful bride and groom. Love the shots of the flowers and bouquets.  I loved the royal purple!

{Stay Tuned}

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