Monday, September 21, 2009

A Little Hectic

The days before an interview is always a little hectic. 

You want to mentally prepare. Research the company. Have questions ready.  

You want to be interview ready. Simple jewelry. Professional suit or outfit. Nails done. Hair and make-up looking good.  

You want to know how to get there, confirm times and who is interviewing you.  

Well, when you do that for an "out of town" job and one that happens to be a plane ride suddenly becomes a lot more hectic. Am I packing everything I might possibly need? 

As of right now the packing is half done. Got to iron a few items tonight and stick them in my bag along with toiletries in the morning.  So I am basically ready.  But the key word is "I". My parents on the other hand aren't exactly.   

Mom, Dad and I sat down for a talk today and let's just say they have quite a lot of concerns. 
  • The distance
  • I'll get paid peanuts
  • I'll hate it
  • After a few months I'll get laid off due to the economy
  • I wouldn't be home for the holidays
  • I'll be taken advantage of professionally
  • I wouldn't know anyone in a five hour radius
  • Adjusting to small town life 
The list could continue.  My parents have valid points and are being lets say "very protective".  But it is quite difficult to hear these things from my parents because I feel like they don't think I, myself, haven't already thought of them.  

I tossed and turned in bed on Thursday night thinking about it all.  I know what I am up against.  Pretty much all things mentioned above. I've thought about them.  But the truth is I've tackled many of these issues last year working in Chapel Hill.  I've know that this was a pretty likely picture of what my next career move would be. You have to start small.  Nothing in my situation is forever and I truly believe this opportunity wouldn't have come to me with out myself suppose to be getting something out of it.  Make sense? 

Tomorrow off to Kansas! Let's tackle the interview, have fun and really get to see all Liberal has to offer. Then I'll get to the very valid issues.  

{Stay Tune}

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