Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Movie: Groundhog Day

"What would you do if you were stuck in one place and everyday was exactly the same and nothing you did mattered?" 
-Bill Murray, Groundhog Day

I now understand.  It is what the unemployed feel every day.  Here, we are waking up every day with the objected to get a job.  So we do the same routine daily. Check online search engines, read the classifieds, hope for a happy email, get rejected and then we do it again. We do it again, because we have to keep going. But what are we going to do about it? How are we going to make it matter? 

The only answer I can give is make it matter.  Keep a positive outlook and remember that good things will come.  And in the meantime, find something that does matter like say begin a blog about your struggles, hardships, life goals and random thoughts.  

You now know why I am here. 

{Stay Tuned}

P.S. Bill Murray eventually does get unstuck, the day is different and what he does mattered. 


Lexi said...

Thanks for brightening my day little! This is just what I needed, as I got rejected yesterday. And then dropped off a resume today only to be told by the receptionist that the woman I needed to give it to was "in an interview" which is likely not a good sign...sigh Another letter and resume tomorrow....xoxo

Laura E said...

I know how it feels. I remember Bill's character talking about being stuck and I just started thinking about it. Now I know what he meant. But we are the lucky ones, knowing what we want in the future and have stuff going on. Especially you being so involved with the UNH AXO's. We can only look for the future.