Monday, September 14, 2009

What am I suppose to make of this?

On Saturday I received the above letter in the mail.  While I love to get mail this one is confusing in the sense of is it good news or bad news? 

It comes from The Courier newspaper of Findlay, Ohio.  I applied for a reporter position with their newspaper earlier in the week.  

But this is what the letter says: "Yes, I'm sorry, this is a form letter. But I wanted to give you the courtesy of a reply to your application and to tell you we will consider it. We will get back to you only  if we have questions or if we would like to have you in for an interview. Good luck to you."

What to make of this? Good news to know that the newspaper received the items I sent up their way but bad news in the sense that they are still considering it and will only get back to me with either questions or an interview.  Then the letter ends with a "Good Luck to you".  Mix signals. 

{Stay Tuned} I'll keep you all posted!

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