Friday, September 25, 2009

Leaving Kansas...for a week

I am leaving today to go back to Ohio.  How things have changed since last week.  I am leaving Kansas with a whole new plan for the next week, month and year of my life.  I am officially moving to Kansas the Weekend of October 2nd and begin work on Monday, October 5th.  Basically in a week I will be back in Kansas.  My goal today is to figure out and make a decision on housing before I head out of town for the drive to Wichita. Flying from Wichita to Ohio tonight.  I'll keep everyone posted.  I have a few options that I did research a bit on Thursday. But need to do further research and make sure Tiger Lilly can live with me.  

I want to thank all my friends, Twitter friends, and blog readers for all their on going support and encouraging comments this week.  I did get some questions and I'll go ahead and answer them at this time.  

Yes, I will continue to blog.  Hello, exciting things are on the horizon and I want you all to know. 

No, I will not be changing my blog name. People know me as the Boomerang Lady and well, you could say I am boomeranging to Kansas. 

Yes, my parents are completely on board.  They have been very supportive and they can tell how pumped and excited  I am.  I think that helped a lot. 

Yes, still be guest blogging for {Stuff Under Twenty}.

Probably be pulling back on The Examiner and I did officially call the Gap store in Cincinnati and quit.  I only held that job for one week! Felt bad about it but it was always a "something in the meantime". 

Anymore questions leave them here and I promise to answer.  Anyways got to get a move on.  

{Stay Tuned}

P.S. Photo above from the entrance of Dorothy's house and below is Munch-kin land. 

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Jamie said...

Again, so excited for you! And I am really excited to hear all your blogging from Kansas! And thanks for the postcard! This will be a great opportunity. I'm looking forward to a reunion at some point in the future :) GOOD LUCK!!