Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Let me paint you a picture of my generation...

While career searching online I found an article with some results I think we all might be a little bit interested in.

The article "1 in 3 Young Workers Live With Their Parents" by Ellie Behling was quite interesting and entertaining with stats like the following:

  • Thirty-one percent of surveyed young workers reported being uninsured, up from 24% 10 years ago (almost half cited the reason as being unable to afford it). (Guilty)
  • Twenty-four percent make less than they need just to pay their monthly bills, up from 10% in 1999 (only 31% make enough to pay bills and put money aside—down 22 percentage points from 1999). (True a year ago...or basically what I brought in went to supporting myself)
  • More than one in three young workers live with their parents. (True since August)
  • More than half (51%) of young workers do not have a retirement plan, up from 41% in 1999. (Retirement? I am just trying to get through 2009!)
Does anyone feel like Bridget Jones in the scene at a dinner party when she begins to be harped on for being single. Bridget asks "Is it 1 in 4 marriages or 1 in 3 marriages that ends in divorce?" When Mark answers, "1 in 3". I feel like my next outing with people my own age may now go similarly.

{Stay Tuned} as I attempt to fly the coup.

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Nicole said...

I agree with everything in this post! Especially the just trying to get through 2009 part!!!