Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I am Back...at the Gap

I decided to let God play this one out.  On September 1st, 2009 I applied to work at a Gap store in Cincinnati.  I previously worked at the store at Southpoint in Durham.  Although, I am trying to get a "real" job I needed something in the mean time.  Labor Day I got the call to set up an interview.  Wednesday I interviewed and left thinking the interview had been horrible.  (It ended up being a group interview with myself always answering the questions second.  I felt like I kept agreeing and had no great answers from the other interviewee.) But somehow I must have done decent because Saturday they called offering me a position and Sunday I started! Quick, ehh?

I have to say I was surprisingly chipper as I got ready for work on Sunday.  I was not nervous but excited to start and get back in the groove of working.  I really had enjoyed my past experience at the Gap Durham.  I made great friends, had fun at work, loved the discount and enjoyed my job.  I especially love helping older women who say they could never fit into Gap Jeans and then I bring them a few to try and they fall in love with one pair!  Those were my favorite customers!  

I am back...at the Gap!  If your in the Cincinnati area stop by the Rookwood store and say, Hi! 

But for those that might ask the question about the job search, Examiner, Guest Blogging, Blogging in general, I plan on continuing to do all the above.  I am just going to have some extra cash, meet people, have some 1969 denim and feel like apart of society again. 

{Stay Tuned}


Kirstin said...

make sure to keep me in the loop about the friends and family sale! also i went shopping with an older woman (aka mom) who didn't think she could fit into the jeans either but got a fabulous pair. i tried on as well and really want the real straight jeans...waiting for the sale though!

Laura E said...

Kirstin, I think Gap is due for one in October and I will keep you and everyone else posted. I like the Real Straight, the Always Skinny and the Sexy Boot.