Monday, August 31, 2009

Rick Brown You Made My Day

At 7:01 PM this evening I got an email from Rick Brown of {}.  The email went something along the lines of this....

If your like my Mom or perhaps like myself last week, then you don't know what an Examiner is.  Well, Examiner is a website that covers "everything local from a locals perspective" and they have several "examiner" websites for a variety of cities on a variety of topics.  

I will be the Examiner for Cincinnati on Women's Fashion Accessories. 

I am pumped and will be getting paid based on how my articles are received in the Examiner community. So expect blog posts with links for you to click on because the more that click on and read my work the more money I get.  But that is besides the point.  

I am so excited to get started.  I do have to follow up on a few things tomorrow to make it official but wanted to let my blog readers know.  Before my work gets published please check out the {Examiner} for your city and get a taste of what it is all about.  Maybe you'll want to consider becoming a writer.  

{Stay Tuned} as I may become a paid writer. 

Time to Begin that "Something in the Meantime"

Monday, August 31st marks 6 weeks back in Ohio.  There is two ways I can paint this picture for you. 

One picture is really I haven't been home for 6 weeks.  I spent a week in Florida on vacation, a few days in our capitol for a weekend of fun and a wedding, and well, then there was the whole job interview thing in Central Virginia.  So that brings it down to 4 and 1/2? Right?

The other picture is this....I made a deadline for myself.  The summer of job searching.  I even blogged about it in my very first blog post.  And when I mean summer I go by June, July, August.  Tomorrow is September and that is clearly a Fall month.  Especially in the Midwest, we already have morning temps in the low 50's.  Not that I am hoping an Indian Summer is upon us but I keep to deadlines. (I've been taught the importance of deadlines since day number one of journalism school).  

Here is the deal, a summer of job searching has landed me with well, no job.  I presently sit at my Mac Book looking at a desktop folder full of 83 cover letters and several different drafts of my resume. I also can pull out my calendar and show you two dates of interviews.  Only two.  

So what's a girl to do? 

I made the promise to myself because I knew at the end of the summer my bank account would be dwindling, my days would be on the meaningless side and well, a need for something to talk about other then my employed days. Today, I begin to pursue what I like to call "something in the meantime".  It may be back to the mall.  It may be back to minimum wage.  It may be the way it should be.  Who knows?

I wouldn't quit on the whole be a reporter thing, work in the media, be the journalist I want to be, and that whole dream I have going on.  I am just going to have to do "something in the meantime".  

{Stay Tuned}  It is bound to be interesting. 

Friday, August 28, 2009

I don't do Chain Emails but this one is GREAT

One thing I don't enjoy is being included in on is some sort of joke that is sent to you and everyone your friend knows.  And I don't like the ones that included photos and take forever to download and I hate that after someone sends it to you, an individual hits "Reply to All" as oppose to "Reply" and before you know it your getting emails from everyone in the Smith Family.  

I will never "chain email" anyone but I will blog about one when I like it!

This is more on the informative side but honestly, I think it is so interesting and I don't want this to happen to any of my friends. 

Thanks Mom for sending this my way. For those with a GPS Unit:

A couple of weeks ago a friend told me that someone she knew had

their car broken into while they were at a football game. Their car was

parked on the green which was adjacent to the football stadium and

specially allotted to football fans. Things stolen from the car included

a garage door remote control, some money and a GPS which had been

prominently mounted on the dashboard.


When the victims got home, they found that their house had been

ransacked and just about everything worth anything had been stolen.


The thieves had used the GPS to guide them to the house. They then

used the garage remote control to open the garage door and gain

entry to the house. The thieves knew the owners were at the football

game, they knew what time the game was scheduled to finish and so

they knew how much time they had to clean out the house. It would

appear that they had brought a truck to empty the house of its contents.
Something to consider if you have a GPS - don't put your home
address in it. Put a nearby address (like a store or gas station) so you
can still find your way home if you need to, but no one else would know
where you live if your GPS were stolen.


For those with a cell phone:


This lady has now changed her habit of how she lists her names on

her mobile phone after her handbag was stolen. Her handbag, which

contained her cell phone, credit card, wallet... Etc...was stolen.


20 minutes later when she called her hubby, from a pay phone telling

him what had happened, hubby says 'I received your text asking

about our Pin number and I've replied a little while ago.'


When they rushed down to the bank, the bank staff told them all the

money was already withdrawn. The thief had actually used the stolen

cell phone to text 'hubby' in the contact list and got hold of the pin

number. Within 20 minutes he had withdrawn all the money from their

bank account.


Do not disclose the relationship between you and the people in

your contact list.

Avoid using names like Home, Honey, Hubby, Sweetheart, Dad,

Mom, etc....

And very importantly, when sensitive info is being asked through texts,

CONFIRM by calling back.

Also, when you're being text by friends or family to meet them

somewhere, be sure to call back to confirm that the message came

from them. If you don't reach them, be very careful about going places

to meet 'family and friends' who text you.

{Stay Tuned} and be safe. 

Thursday, August 27, 2009

We All Need Some Inspiration

We all need some inspiration these days in the form of finding our dream job.  So I would like to thank twenty-six year old Amelia Lester who was recently named the Managing Editor of The New Yorker.  

This afternoon I came across the tidbit of info on {The New York Observer's} website.  Lester is a former fact checker at The New Yorker.  (For those that don't know that is entry level.) 

Of course, she did work her way up to be an editor of The Paris Review and is a graduate of Harvard BUT that is besides the point.  

The truth is if we work hard, keep our eyes on the prize, we could easily be 26 and have our dream jobs.  So whatever yours may be I wish you luck and hope to blog about you to one day!

{Stay Tuned}

And I Can't Get "Ingrid Michaelson" Out of My Mind

On Tuesday, Ingrid Michaelson's newest CD, Everybody,  hit iTunes and music stores. 

I am a huge fan!  I have loved Ingrid since the Old Navy commercial of Fall 07 in which she offered to share a sweater.  Since that day, I have all her CD's, listen to her "Little Romance" song on the Sex and the City Soundtrack, waited patiently for one of her songs to be played on Grey's Anatomy and have seen her in concert twice. 

I even won tickets on the radio to see her this past November in Kentucky.  Let's just say I am one of her biggest fans and have gotten quite a few of my friends on the Ingrid band wagon.   

I invite you to check out her Everybody CD and it was $7.99 on iTunes this past Tuesday.  So worth it! Or if your not sure if your going to like her I suggest the Ingrid Pandora station.  Great mix and you'll get to hear some of my favorite Ingrid.  Also, Ingrid's website is offering free downloads with a little email info from you. 

Also if you ever get the chance to see her in concert, do! She is fantastic, funny and so talented.  I always tell people this but at an Ingrid show it is a variety of ages young and old and she leaves everyone laughing. She is coming to Cincinnati at the end of October and I'll be there.  (That is unless I get a great job offer and move away. In which, I will check out her tour dates {here} and reroute to another show.}

{Stay Tuned}

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze?

Is the juice worth the squeeze?

Always know that the juice is worth the squeeze!

In other words is the outcome worth the effort?

Just some worldly advice from {The Girl Next Door}, one of my favorite movies which concludes with a gift to one of the other characters saying, "The Juice Was Worth the Squeeze". 

{Stay Tuned}. Busy today making some squeezes!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Office Chic for Under $100

Although, I may not be working right now and dressing to impress on a daily bases doesn't mean I can't give some office chic pieces a glance over. 
  1. {The Perfect Trouser from Gap} Oh yea it is perfect. A very professional look with a wide leg.  You can pair it with so many tops and shoes.  It comes in regular, ankle and long lengths and in petite and tall. Perfect for all.  And it is currently marked down to $24.99
  2. {The Silk Blend Ruffle Cami from Gap}  I just loved this top because of the great color and the fact that it can be worn by itself or under a blazer. Day to night. Marked down to $12.99, also comes in a blue and taupe color. 
  3. {Flower Cluster Necklace from Forever 21} would look fantastic with the cami. Love the price at $6.80. 
  4. {Romo Wedge Slide from Payless} and you can continue to Payless if you shop during BOGO or flash your AAA card. But these are priced at $10.99
  5. {IMAN Global Chic Icon Shopping Tote Bag from} No I don't watch the Home Shopping Network but I do check out there website.  They have some great items and this is one at $19.99 for carrying your laptop, notebooks, wallet and other items you working girls take with you.  
  6. {Tulle Los Angeles Women's 3/4 Sleeve Cotton Blazer from} First time I ever checked out and I was impressed.  I found quite a lot of great blazers but like the button detail on this one and the color. This one comes in white and this fantastic orange at $23.99.  But best is the length will revel the Gap cami and the neckline will allow for the flower cluster necklace to show.
{Stay Tuned for more looks under $100} 

Monday, August 24, 2009

I've Decided that Job Searching is like Dating

Yup, I think they are one in the same. Dating. Job Searching. 

I invite you to think about it. 

To begin with in both you have to put yourself out there. This can be the scariest thing.  You fear rejection.  You are nervous.  Do you look alright? Will the person like you? Will they find you to be the person they are looking for?  Is this the "position" or "mate" of your dreams? Is this what you've been waiting for? (See). Which one am I referring to?

The Steps in Securing a Job:
  1. The Search: You check out online sites like Monster Jobs, Career Builder, Craig's List.  You ask your families and friends to get the word out about what you are looking to do.  You find jobs that so wouldn't do. You find jobs that are alright. You find jobs that sound fantastic. You find the perfect job.  
  2. The First Impression: The resume. Okay, we all have a standard one but when you see that job that you know is the perfect job it calls for a glance over and some updates.  You tailor the resume to make yourselves sound like the perfect candidate.  You include more job duties in points under your internships and former careers.  You make sure the font is professional, a bit serious, and with some individual flair.  The cover letter.  Oh, you knock that thing out of the park.  You tell of expereinces and paint the picture that you are beyond perfect for this job.  You finish off the final paragraph again expressing your interest and willing to take the next step in ensuring this position. (An in-person interview, more information, a phone call, etc.)
  3. The Interview: (Cuz, you are going to get it).  First impressions are very important.  You pick out the outfit.  You want to be again serious, professional, stand out (but in a good way) and you don't want to come across too weird, so we go with standard hair style, simple jewelry, clothing in the colors of black, brown and grey.  Maybe tan, if it is in the summer. Once the look is achieved, you move on to research.  You know the website back and forth.  You know the job description better then the back of your hands. You have questions ready to ask.  You go over in your heads how you are going to answer those typically interview questions.  
  4.  The Last Few Minutes: First impressions are important but how you "close" on this interview can very well determine if you get the position or not.  Here is what you hope has happened so far: the interviewer has nodded in favor of your answers, you like the work environment, others in the office look fun, what has been told about what you would do is so up your alley, you've asked questions that impress the interviewer and you have not messed up on a single question.  No foot in mouth moments.  The interviewer begins to thank you for your time and coming in for an interview.  You thank them.  You then express extreme interest in the position.  You let them know your available by phone or email to answer any additional questions and that you would love to be considered further for the position.  Tell them your ready to take it to the next step. You even go ahead and plan the follow up.  That afternoon or perhaps the next morning, you send a thank you note for the interview.  This can be by mail or email.  In this note, you keep it short and simple.  "Thank you. I am very interested.  After our meeting and discussion I am further convinced I would be a great fit at __."
  5. THE Wait.  This is for sure the worst part.  You sit by the phone.  You check your emails daily, hourly and on the hour to see if there is any word.  You imagine yourself getting the job, how your life might pan out as the newest employee of ___.  You have to factor possible moves, how you will get to work, possible new insurances and more. But then a "couple" days go by and there is no word. You begin to rethink everything in the interview.  They said they would make their decision in the next couple of days.  What is a couple? You wonder if you said something wrong.  You think about any flaws you might have and if the interviewer picked up on them.  You think about every little thing.  You were just five minutes early to the interview or were you two minutes and does that make a difference?
  6. THE ANSWER: It can be positive or negative.  It can be what you want and it can be what you don't want.  And you have no control.  You take what the answer is and you accept.  I truly hope it is positive.  I hope the position is offered to us all.  But in the horrible outcome that it isn't, you are numb.  The time, energy, excitement all invested into this one position seems wasted and lost.  People tell you that another one will come around, it just must of not been the right fit, and people tell you to cheer up.  Here is where you get back on the "horse" and take it right back to step 1.  Hoping the next time you reach step 6 you don't have to go back.  I know I do.  
The Steps in Securing a Mate:
  1. The Search: You put the word out.  Friends set you up.  You might join eHarmony, Match.Com, FreindFinder, etc. You might even get some help from your mom.  (Warning, oh boy!) You get some feedback for some possible dates.  One possible mate is disgusting and you would have to be desperate.  One possible mate sounds alright.  And then one possible mate sounds out of this world amazing and the person you've made up in your head. You've found them. 
  2. The First Impression: Again, this is important in any setting but on a blind date or first encounter this is key.  If you met online your profile has already been built to perfection with including everything that is great about you.  Your picture has been strategically picked and is one that captures your smile and from your best angle.  If this is through a friend, you grill the friend making sure the friend has disclosed great facts about you and in turn you ask to know all about your date.  You carefully choice an outfit to wear that sends all the right messages, which depending on what your looking for can be all types of different.  However, no matter who you are you make sure to pick out pieces from your wardrobe you feel at ease in and that bring out the best in you.  
  3. The Date: You look fabulous.  You've done your research and know what your date likes.  You ask questions to get to know more and answer your dates questions reveling all good about yourself.  You're having fun and laughing.  You really enjoy yourself. The date is going terrific. 
  4. The Last Few Minutes: Alright, how you "close" on a date can send signals of "I want a second date" or "I would rather have spent the evening playing with my cat".  Make sure you go for the second date with telling the suitor how much you enjoyed this and how the two of you should do it again sometime.  Expressing interest goes a long way.  A girlfriend of mine says she always has something in mind that she mentions at the end of the date to ensure a second by giving the clue that the two should go see that movie they both had spoken of earlier or a local band is playing two nights from now that I really think you would enjoy. You could try that. But key is to express interest. 
  5. THE WAIT: Again, the worst part.  Those that read Cosmo might have heard about the 3 day rule of it is best to wait 3 days and then call to set up another date.  Maybe not everyone follows that but the thought might go through your head.  You hear nothing for a few days.  You check your text, emails, voice mail to make sure a message hasn't come through.  You consider calling the suitor. But you wonder if they didn't want to spend time with you again.  You go through ever little thing in your mind and question it all.  Did you laugh enough at their jokes? Did you not act like you were having fun?  Were you having too much fun? Did your breath smell? Oh no!
  6. The Answer: It can be positive or negative.  It can be what you want and it can be what you don't want. You might never hear from the person again.  You might try to contact them but they make excuses for not attending another meeting or never return your calls. But I truly hope that many of us never experience that.  Feeling reject after a date that we think went so well is tough.  You made the effort, you had fun and you wanted to give it another go. People tell you there are more fish in the sea, that don't worry you'll met another, or someone better will come along.  Meanwhile, you have to go back to the search and begin the steps again in hoping to secure a mate.
Did you get the similarities? I know it is kind of strange but both have quite a lot in common.  But ask anyone who is currently involved in one or the other and they will tell you it is time consuming and tough.  So give your unemployed or dateless friend credit, they might be on the waiting stage!

{Stay Tuned}.

Whoa, What a Weekend!

Whoa, I just had a great last few days visiting with college friends in Northern Virginia and Northern Maryland.  I even got to attend my very first wedding of a college friend.  

My mind is spinning with items to blog about this week.  I have so many ideas to share and updates.  But I wanted to drop a line today as I feel like I neglected my blog the last week and I promise to be back up and running this week.  

In the meantime, here are some photos from Caitlyn + Kyle's Maryland Wedding:
To answer the question about the bouquet.  Did not catch it. 

{Stay Tuned}

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Struggles on the Home Front: The Downtown Social Scene

I have gotten into my first encounter of difference with my parents in my twenty something lifestyle.  It only was a matter of time.  

To give some background I must tell you I have a wonderful relationship with my parents.  I love spending time with my Mom in the kitchen, at the grocery, shopping and on the deck with a glass of wine.  The past years that I lived in North Carolina we didn't speak every day but when we spoke we were on the phone for over thirty minutes.  My Dad and I like the same kind of action packed Jerry Bruckheimer shows (CSI, Cold Case) and both are avid sports fans.  Plus I have to say my Dad has picked up the ladies fashion lingo and can tell anyone who Kate Spade is.  But most important my parents have been very supportive in my decision to quite my job, move out of North Carolina at the end of a lease and spend the summer job searching for the career I have always wanted.  Needless to say, moving home isn't too bad.  Got love, got support, got fun and got some delicious meals in my belly. 

But a conflict on the horizon is my late night social scene.  (Something I have encountered twice since moving back to Cincinnati five weeks ago).

You know!  The meeting up with the girlfriends for drinks, checking out bars and clubs downtown, dancing, laughing, having fun, meeting people, hopefully meeting men and enjoying being young.  That's what I want to do on weekend nights.  I want to be social.  I want to be with people my own age.  I need a bit of an escape.  

But looking more closely, here's the thing.  My parents live in the suburbs of Cincinnati.  The "social life" I want in Cincinnati is downtown.  It is in the communities closes to downtown in Hype Park, Mount Lookout, Mount Adams and at the downtown restaurants on Fountain Square.  That's where people are my age.  That's where my friends and there friends live.  That's where they go out at night and that's where they invite me to join.  And they invite me to stay on their coaches late at night and wake up the next morning to make the 30 minute interstate drive back to the suburban neighborhood my parents live in.  

But my parents worry.  They don't like me going out.  They don't like that they don't always know exactly which bar I am going to. They don't like me spending the night out.  They just don't like it and wish I didn't.  

This is where I struggle.  A month ago I lived on my own with roommates and a cat.  If I wanted to go out, I did.  I didn't ask for permission.  I just did it and I loved it.  I lived 10 minutes from downtown Chapel Hill and a $12 cab ride (split by 3 people and that's $4).  Going out and meeting people was a weekend routine. That was my life.  

But I am on a different playing field now.  A whole new turf and while I need to be respectful and acknowledge my current settings, it is hard for me to forget my independence and my old life.  

There is no solution on this one.  When my friends call and invite me to join them.  I most likely will.  I'll tell my parents.  When the questions fly, I'll answer them all while thinking theses questions use to not be asked.  

Cheers to the twenty something trying to live the life while living it at their parents house.  

{Stay Tuned}

Monday, August 17, 2009

Put Some Ruffle Into It!

My favorite look right now is the ruffle detailing on tops.  Love it!  Check out these finds I found today while online shopping.  No worries, didn't purchase anything. 
  1. "She's Just Being Miley" Believe it or not this is from Walmart.Com and by Miley Cyrus.  {Juniors Chiffon Ruffle Blouse} at $12.00 and .97 cents to ship.  Alright maybe the girl might have some good taste.  
  2. "The Magic of Macy's" I love a good Macy's store and love the coupons in the paper that lead you to take an additional percent off. {Alfani-Rosette-Neckline Three-Quarter Sleeve Silk Top} is marked down to $48.30.  
  3. "Triple A it" I recently learned that at New York & Company offers an additional 15% of discount on all products at the register when you flash a Triple AAA card. With that in mind, I decided I need to check that store out more.  I like this {City Style Sleeves Print Ruffle Top} $29.50.  Looks great by itself paired with dark denim or under neath a blazer for a more professional look. 
  4. "My Mom Likes this" Last week, my mom and I visited an Ann Taylor Loft store and I helped my mom pick out a similar top to this one with the petals around the neckline.  She's a fan.  This {Placed Petal Tee} is from Ann Taylor's fall line at $36.50 but my mom and I found a similar one on the clearance rack at our local store for half that. 
{Stay Tuned}

It's Not All Bad

I have to say I have had a pretty awesome summer.  Being unemployed with no daily commitments has lead me to travel, connect with college friends, spend more time with my family, make corn bread from scratch and get to do those things that when you sit at a desk for 40 hours a week and work weekends just wishing you could do.  

Those things like, when a friend calls on Wednesday night and says a group from college is going camping Friday and Saturday "you want in?" Can't got a wedding this weekend. 

Or on the day of a phone call that shares there is an extra ticket to a Carolina game of some sort. "You want it for $20 and tailgate with us?" Can't I work Saturdays at Gap. 

But no more! 

This summer I went camping for the weekend in Front Royal, VA, met up with the AXO's in Cape Cod, MA, had a 4th of July BBQ Party and Weekend fun with 3 of my best friends, went on a family beach vacation for a week and am extending a wedding weekend in Maryland to include seeing the very fabulous and fierce Courtney  J in Northern Virginia this upcoming Wednesday.  Love my summer! 

This summer has been a real summer for me.  I know that sounds weird but honestly, since I was 16 I've always worked.  During my days as a teenager, working in the summer 40 hours a week at the local Target store was what I did.  The same in college. I had to make money to support myself the rest of the year.   Similar story last summer in July when I began working and found myself at the Gap.  There was no camping trips, no college football games in the Fall, no last minute decisions to go to a concert, I didn't have time to try new recipes.  

The truth is that when we are in a routine of something that takes up much of our time, we always wish we had more "free" time.  More time to travel. More time to spend with ourselves or the ones we love.  More time to do even the little things around the house that we know we need an afternoon for.  More time to enjoy being alive. 

I wouldn't regret this summer of being unemployed.  I have very much enjoyed being able to do the things I would of missed out on.  Who knows when the next Summer will be that I have this freedom? 

A career will come.  But a real summer?  

So what am I doing this week? 

Monday: Job searching, blogging, running errands, getting ready for my trip to Virginia/Maryland.  

Tuesday: ATP Tennis Tournament in Cincinnati (an all day affair with watching the very best playing tennis right here in my town).

Wednesday: Driving 8 hrs. 26 minutes to Fairfax, Virginia to visit with Courtney J. 

Thursday/Friday: Pure fun ahead!

Saturday: Attending my first wedding as a college friends and my little in AXO marries the love of her life.  Can't wait for the event of the summer!

Sunday: Drive back to Cincinnati.  

{Stay Tuned} to hear about my Summer more. 

Thursday, August 13, 2009

And I Can't Get "She & Him" Out of My Mind

I don't claim to know a lot about music.  I have been lucky enough to be a {Pandora} listener for quite some time and that has lead me to finding some great musical acts.  I also have some great music loving friends that have helped me along the way to create the "ultimate random ipod pink mini". Plus, my love for movie soundtracks has helped a lot too.  

I wouldn't take credit for finding {She & Him}.  

During my last week in Chapel Hill a friend suggested we listen to their new CD on the way to the movies.  It was quite disappointing for her and I, when I said, "My car only has a cassette player." 

But I remembered what she said.  This is the band that {Zooey Deschanel}, the actress from 500 Days of Summer, is the lead singer.  

It took me till last week during a trailer for 500 Days of Summer that I remembered I wanted to check out this band, {She & Him}.  Well, I am sure glad I did.  

iTunes described, {She & Him} as a alternative group.  I would say it's music is sweet 60's inspired lyrics with flair in musical accompaniment.  Think a little folksy and country. Deschanel wrote eight of the tracks and co-wrote one other.  Who would of thought?  The lyrics are about love, heartbreak, smiling and are upbeat.  Perfect for singing along.  

My favorite track picks are Why do You Let me Stay Here?, Take it Back, Black Hole and You Really Got a Hold on Me. Of course, I really have enjoyed listing to the entire CD and that's why "I can't get it out of my mind".  Check it out.

{Stay Tuned}. 

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wednesday's Movie: Post Grad

Recently one of my friends and I were talking about movies and what's coming out soon.  

He said, "Have you scene the trailer for {Post Grad}?"

I said, "No...what's it about? My life?"

He said, "Kind of."

I said, "I'll check it out.  But if you had a blog you could blog about it."

Well, he hasn't started a blog and we had that conversation over a week ago.  So I checked out the trailer myself and invite you to do the same. Got a few minutes?  Then its time for you to watch.  {Here on YouTube}

My favorite line from the trailer is "Your not suppose to come back when you've left the nest." I hear yea! 

{Stay Tuned} Hope to see it later this August and let you all know!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Let's Boomerang Back to My Former Career Part II

The best wedding I ever worked was an Indian wedding.  The multiple ceremonies, the vibrant colors, the large guests list, the delicious cuisine, the music, the dancing and more, is a lot but so worth it.  But on top of that, I worked with a great team that truly held nothing back when creating this event. Of course, we also had a bride and groom with excellent design tastes and wanted a party.  Our crew started set up for this wedding on Thursday for the main day ceremony and reception.  Check out all the photos from the events on the amazing photographers, Whitney & Jessie from {Our Labor of Love}'s wonderful {blog}

Poonam + Chirag's wedding is one that will be in a bridal magazine.  But till it is please check out {Glamour's Magazine}'s Smitten Blog and read their take on the event: {The Most Amazing Wedding Photos: An Indian Wedding!}
{Stay Tuned}

Monday, August 10, 2009

Excuse me Gap? Is this a new Fall trend?

Are men's ankle jeans a trend for this fall?  I sure hope not!  

I recieved my Gap credit card bill in the mail today.  As I took a look at the couple of filler items they throw in with my statement, I did a "what?" as I stumbled upon this one.  At first, I thought maybe Mr. Gap Model had he's jeans bunched up but this is not so.  These are men's ankle jeans.  To top it off these "pants" are paired with a black leather shoe. Women, we know that ankle jeans goes with a sandal or something that is not like a clunky leather tie up shoe.  

I love the Gap.  But I have to say, please let this not go over.  I don't want to see men sporting this look.  Maybe I am crazy but I just think this look would be bad on the average guy. 

{Stay Tuned}

Getting Back on that Horse

Here I am a bit after 8 A.M. on Monday morning getting back on that "horse".  
That's right, back to my routine of scouring the internet looking for jobs to apply to.  All while my trusty cat, Tiger Lilly, looks on for support. 

I am beginning week #4 since moving back in with the parents and well, in my head my very temporary situation was suppose to be resolved by now.  But that's okay.  Got to keep moving and hoping for something to come up by the end of the month. (Or then its time to get a part- time job).  I already spent much of Sunday applying for jobs online and today I am taking three applications to the post office to be sent out.  Which brings me to some great questions I have received lately.  How do you find reporting positions? How do you apply? And more.  

So here is my routine....

1. Check out websites like {Journalism Jobs} and {Media Bistro} for a listing of new positions posted.  Then check out the big 3...{Gannett}{Media General}{McClatchy} for specific listings that come from the largest media conglomerates.

2. Once I find a position I like, I look at the items they would like to see. 
  • Cover Letter
  • Resume
  • References
  • Clips  
3.  Create Cover Letter.  Print Resume.  Print References. Photo Copy Clips of my work from my past career and internships.  Either email them to the potential employer or mail them.  

4.  The end result is this...

After applying for jobs I do feel a bit of accomplished and often hope that one of the many I sent out will be that "one" that leads to my next career.  I'll be sure to report back any news I hear to my fellow readers and supporters. In the meantime my test article was posted on the Virginia newspaper's website and you can check it out here, {Ministry offers discounted food}

{Stay Tuned}

Friday, August 7, 2009

I'm with Chelsea on this one

One of my new obsessions is {The Chelsea Lately Show}. This late night cable talk show has been on the air since 2007 but I have recently begun DVRing the show.  After my morning routine of coffee and The Cincinnati Enquirer it is time for Chelsea Handler and her panel of comedians, actors and writers that discuss "major" news topics. Just the routine of the unemployed.  

Any who, Chelsea is hilarious and I recommend you check her out some evening or morning.  And for a preview of what you will see on the show check out her {website} and her {blog}

But it was last nights show and today's {blog post} that made me do a "seriously".  Take it away, Chelsea...

I was instantly fascinated by the stupidity of some people.  So I decided to do some more research.  As any good journalist I wanted the real scoop.  I found it on {AOL News}.  I learned that Trina Thompson did indeed file a lawsuit against the Bronx, New York,  Monroe College for $70,000 in tuition reimbursement due to the fact that she graduated in April and has not been able to land a job.  Thompson's major: Information Technology.

I don't think I have to say anything more other then "seriously".  Oh and Thompson check out how many people in America think your ridiculous. 

Have a great weekend! {Stay Tuned}

Thursday, August 6, 2009

I Didn't Get It

For those that have been following my recent job search then you know I recently had a phone interview, I recently traveled to Virginia for an in-person interview, I recently wrote a test article, I recently knew I was very close to getting a job.  Well, I recently got off the phone with that newspaper to hear that the position had been offered to somebody else. They thanked me and said I was a strong candidate.  

Of course, I am disappointed.  

I had invested a lot into the interviewing process and well, I very much had hoped that I would get offered the job.  I had researched the area. I had researched housing options.  Friends had shared mutual friends in common that resided these.  I loved the idea of finally making it and being a reporter.  I wanted this job. 

There will be no champagne tonight but just back to the drawing board as I send out resumes, cover letters, clips and references. It will be back to checking countless job search websites, checking my email hourly for follow ups, getting giddy when the phone rings just hoping it is someone to set up an interview and back to looking forward to I guess the next best thing.  

Here is to the unemployed and our constant quest for a job, a career and happiness. 

{Stay Tuned}. 

My Priorities

Yesterday's conversation with my mom and sister led to my priorities in life coming up.  (This is based on memory.) 

Me: I just have decided that I am concentrating on my career first and foremost and if that means moving to a small town.  Thats fine.  I can work on my social life second. I feel like I already had that year of living with a girl friend, going to bars every weekend and having a social life.  However, I had a horrible career life. First priority, job. Second priority, social life. 

Mom: No.  Second priority, find a man. 

Me: I consider those the same thing.  Having a good social life means the man will come. 

Mom: No.  You need to look and make it a priority to meet a man. Then the social life.  

Alyssa (Sister): Laura, you need to make it a priority but I agree with you that it falls in social settings.  I met (B) because we were friends first and had friends in common.  Then we began dating. 

Mom: Completely different! Laura's social life has never led to dating anyways. 

Me: Thanks for bring that up.

Based on this conversation my priorities have not changed but it did get me thinking.  Maybe I do have the wrong mind frame on this one but I don't know any other way to "find a man" except in my social life.  I refuse at a young age to get on online dating and Craig's List is sketchy.  (I'll embellish this in another post).  Singles parties at some basement in a local church screams desperate.  So I'll keep working on the job first and the social life/man second.  

{Stay Tuned}

And I Can't Get "Brandy J Handbags" Out of My Mind

I've been wanting to blog about this for weeks!  I recently stumbled upon this handbag collection by a wedding photographer {Brandy J}.  I had followed Brandy J's blog to check out great weddings in my last career but I didn't even know about her "other" career till recently.  

As a handbag lover, I instantly checkout her {website} and fell in love with the bags. My favorite is above and called "On Holiday".  That's what I am thinking!  Perfect for the airport as a carry on or for a weekend getaway.  Best part, $130.  But if you aren't into big bags, check out her wristlet for $20.  Either way, check out her bags.  You'll love them!

At this time, Brandy J Handbags are not available to buy online but she has a zip code search to find stores in your area that carry her line.  Cincinnati has about 6 stores.  Maybe your area is similar.  

{Stay Lovely and Stay Tuned}

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wednesday's Movie: The Ugly Truth

Last night I went to the movies and saw {The Ugly Truth}.  

My opinion was good but not great. Funny but not hilarious.  And predictable.  

It was a romantic comedy after all built around a successful women that can't get a date and a outspoken lust-expert male who helps her land a man.  If you've seen any movie made this century you know where this is going.  The two of them, while polar opposites, fall in love.  

Although, it was a bit on the slow side in the first half-hour the jokes got better and the interaction between Katherine Heigl and the man she is trying to woo did leave me laughing.  Especially a certain scene in which her cat climbs a tree and Heigl's character gets a great opportunity to check out her new neighbor.  But as luck would have it (or romcom Hollywood would play a part) something happens which leads to an embarrassing first impression.  

I recommend it for a laugh but will let you know that last nights viewing in Mason, Ohio was filled with quite a lot of couples.  So if your lucky enough to have a significant other it could be a date night.  Or if your like me you can take a long your always going movie girl friend and ask for a student ticket.  (We have college student ID's we can flash if you question it). 

{Stay Tuned}

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Let's Boomerang Back to My Former Career Part I

Yesterday, I uploaded old images from my camera and found these from early June.  As many of you know in early June I was still employed and working in the bridal industry.  While that seems many moons ago, I had the urge to share these images from the last wedding I worked on as lead planner.  

Jennie + Graham were married in Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina on June 11th with a ceremony and reception at {The Isles Restaurant}. Above are the decor items I worked on before the event.  (Hint at all my single girlfriends, hire me to do your wedding it will be fabulous.)

Top Left: The bride liked the idea of having guests leave with a little gift that they could have forever and remind them of the beach wedding.  We had sand dollars calligrapher with the names of the guests for place cards. Next: Guests don't come to a beach wedding in flip flops so we provided them.  Tied with twine and a little note of relaxing and enjoying the ceremony, the flip flops came in all sizes and colors of pink, green, black and white. Next: Seashells lined the tables with slits thanking the guests for attending and traveling for this destination wedding. Last on the top: The venue provided white table linens but to make it a bit more fab we created lime green table runners in a satin to give the tables a little more color. 

Bottom Left: As oppose to doing a menu card we informed guests by a menu board framed and sitting on an easel near the buffet. Next: Fan programs are perfect for beach weddings. Next: Baskets of flip flops and the sand dollars.  

Below is the inspiration board I created for the couple in February shortly after they booked us!
But to see how it all worked out please check out the photographer's blog.  Amanda & Brent from Millie Holloman Photography out of Wilmington, NC posted their photos {Here}.  They are lovely! One of the rewards of being a planner is seeing the end result and for Jennie + Graham we see a very happy couple. 

{Stay Tuned} I promise this will NOT become a wedding blog. 

Monday, August 3, 2009

It Could of Been the Best Job Ever!

I don't take rejection well.  

I applied to colleges I knew I would get in.  I don't bother asking for things I know I wouldn't get. I play it safe. I am single after all.  

That's why I applied for a recent position at one of my favorite retailers. Thinking I was a bit of a "shoe in" with my retail experience of working at Target (5 Years) and Gap (9 months), a college degree and well, my stellar sense of style, I thought I was destined to work at {Nordstrom} until I found something else.  

Maybe that was the wrong attitude to have.  

My first day back in Cincinnati a letter arrived at my parents house from Nordstrom.  And well, I was rejected. "Unfortunately, we do not have any employment opportunities that meet your qualifications at this time."

Well, Nordstrom and specifically, Jason Zaim, you are wrong.  I would be terrific at Nordstrom.  You could place me in shoes, handbags, sunglasses, the cleaning department, the bistro, men's wear and all the lovely women's wear sections you have and I would shine.  I didn't spend the last few years reading magazines like InStyle, Lucky, shopping at your Durham store and well being fantastic, for you to toss me aside in the application process.  I have retail experience and my speciality is fitting rooms or dressing rooms (like you label them).  And in my past experience in retail, people can either handle that or not.  Those that can't, can't handle a busy Saturday.  Am I right? I am customer service oriented and not to mention, I worked the day after Thanksgiving (Black Friday) at a Gap store with buy one sweater get the next half price. I also worked Toys at Target on December 22nd and electronics on December 24th.  I can handle the pressure, the stress and anything you can throw your way at me!

I wouldn't hold this against you Nordstrom nor will I not shop at your store.  I'll be there but anytime, I get lousy service, an unknowledgeable sales associate who can't tell the difference between a clutch and a bucket bag, or find a messy dressing room, I will remember you passed me up for this person.  Best of luck Cincinnati Nordstrom in your quest for finding employees that met your standards.  I really can't wait to see who you find!

{Stay Tuned} 

Sunday, August 2, 2009

August's "Hot" Items

My August hot items are...

1. The Flick: Dying to see {The Ugly Truth}.  I am actually a fan of Katherine Heigl and since the days of her first TV show, Rosewell.  I think she is elegant and I love her style in the August 2009 {InStyle} Magazine.  I am always up for a good romantic comedy and especailly one rated R (you know what that means). 

2. The Read: My mom bought me {Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World} for Christmas and I am finally getting around to reading it.   Of course, the book was purchased for me because of the cute Dewey on the cover that looks a lot like my cat, Tiger Lilly.  The book is about a library cat, Dewey, and all the adventures Dewey gets into.  I am on chapter one and I already think I will shed more tears in this one over {The Notebook}.  I swear, I am bound to be a cat lady the rest of my life. 

3. The Kicks: I absolutely love these for fall, winter and years to come!  {Cole Hahn} never disappoints with these brown leather riding boots.  I've been dreaming of these for a month as they are apart of {Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale} and priced at under $200.  Plus, I think they would look so awesome with some dark jeans tucked in and a sweater! No, I haven't purchased them and I will continue to dream. 

4.  The Location: We all know I am currently in Cincinnati but my only trip planned for this month is for attending a wedding in {Taneytown, Maryland}.  The wedding is for my little from Alpha Chi Omega and her fiance, also an Elon grad. The wedding is sure to be fun with all the Elon grad guests and being there as my first college friend says, "I Do"! August 22nd, I'll be in Maryland! 

Of course what didn't make this August's "Hot Items" would be my never ending search for a job.  But don't worry, we should have some updates on Monday.  {Stay Tuned}.