Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wednesday's Movie: Post Grad

Recently one of my friends and I were talking about movies and what's coming out soon.  

He said, "Have you scene the trailer for {Post Grad}?"

I said, "No...what's it about? My life?"

He said, "Kind of."

I said, "I'll check it out.  But if you had a blog you could blog about it."

Well, he hasn't started a blog and we had that conversation over a week ago.  So I checked out the trailer myself and invite you to do the same. Got a few minutes?  Then its time for you to watch.  {Here on YouTube}

My favorite line from the trailer is "Your not suppose to come back when you've left the nest." I hear yea! 

{Stay Tuned} Hope to see it later this August and let you all know!

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