Thursday, August 27, 2009

And I Can't Get "Ingrid Michaelson" Out of My Mind

On Tuesday, Ingrid Michaelson's newest CD, Everybody,  hit iTunes and music stores. 

I am a huge fan!  I have loved Ingrid since the Old Navy commercial of Fall 07 in which she offered to share a sweater.  Since that day, I have all her CD's, listen to her "Little Romance" song on the Sex and the City Soundtrack, waited patiently for one of her songs to be played on Grey's Anatomy and have seen her in concert twice. 

I even won tickets on the radio to see her this past November in Kentucky.  Let's just say I am one of her biggest fans and have gotten quite a few of my friends on the Ingrid band wagon.   

I invite you to check out her Everybody CD and it was $7.99 on iTunes this past Tuesday.  So worth it! Or if your not sure if your going to like her I suggest the Ingrid Pandora station.  Great mix and you'll get to hear some of my favorite Ingrid.  Also, Ingrid's website is offering free downloads with a little email info from you. 

Also if you ever get the chance to see her in concert, do! She is fantastic, funny and so talented.  I always tell people this but at an Ingrid show it is a variety of ages young and old and she leaves everyone laughing. She is coming to Cincinnati at the end of October and I'll be there.  (That is unless I get a great job offer and move away. In which, I will check out her tour dates {here} and reroute to another show.}

{Stay Tuned}

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