Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Office Chic for Under $100

Although, I may not be working right now and dressing to impress on a daily bases doesn't mean I can't give some office chic pieces a glance over. 
  1. {The Perfect Trouser from Gap} Oh yea it is perfect. A very professional look with a wide leg.  You can pair it with so many tops and shoes.  It comes in regular, ankle and long lengths and in petite and tall. Perfect for all.  And it is currently marked down to $24.99
  2. {The Silk Blend Ruffle Cami from Gap}  I just loved this top because of the great color and the fact that it can be worn by itself or under a blazer. Day to night. Marked down to $12.99, also comes in a blue and taupe color. 
  3. {Flower Cluster Necklace from Forever 21} would look fantastic with the cami. Love the price at $6.80. 
  4. {Romo Wedge Slide from Payless} and you can continue to Payless if you shop during BOGO or flash your AAA card. But these are priced at $10.99
  5. {IMAN Global Chic Icon Shopping Tote Bag from HSN.com} No I don't watch the Home Shopping Network but I do check out there website.  They have some great items and this is one at $19.99 for carrying your laptop, notebooks, wallet and other items you working girls take with you.  
  6. {Tulle Los Angeles Women's 3/4 Sleeve Cotton Blazer from Overstock.com} First time I ever checked out Overstock.com and I was impressed.  I found quite a lot of great blazers but like the button detail on this one and the color. This one comes in white and this fantastic orange at $23.99.  But best is the length will revel the Gap cami and the neckline will allow for the flower cluster necklace to show.
{Stay Tuned for more looks under $100} 


Kirstin @ Cary, NC (haha) said...

omg look at you little blogger lady. just noticed your website on your facebook...loving the blog made me chuckle. miss you bitch!

Nicole said...

Love this post! You have a great style sense!

Lexi said...

I'm going to buy this outfit. And then send telepathic messages to all the places where my resume currently awaits that I am ready with a trendy interview outfit! xoxo

Laura E said...

Thanks ladies! Love you guys!