Thursday, August 6, 2009

I Didn't Get It

For those that have been following my recent job search then you know I recently had a phone interview, I recently traveled to Virginia for an in-person interview, I recently wrote a test article, I recently knew I was very close to getting a job.  Well, I recently got off the phone with that newspaper to hear that the position had been offered to somebody else. They thanked me and said I was a strong candidate.  

Of course, I am disappointed.  

I had invested a lot into the interviewing process and well, I very much had hoped that I would get offered the job.  I had researched the area. I had researched housing options.  Friends had shared mutual friends in common that resided these.  I loved the idea of finally making it and being a reporter.  I wanted this job. 

There will be no champagne tonight but just back to the drawing board as I send out resumes, cover letters, clips and references. It will be back to checking countless job search websites, checking my email hourly for follow ups, getting giddy when the phone rings just hoping it is someone to set up an interview and back to looking forward to I guess the next best thing.  

Here is to the unemployed and our constant quest for a job, a career and happiness. 

{Stay Tuned}. 

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