Monday, August 17, 2009

It's Not All Bad

I have to say I have had a pretty awesome summer.  Being unemployed with no daily commitments has lead me to travel, connect with college friends, spend more time with my family, make corn bread from scratch and get to do those things that when you sit at a desk for 40 hours a week and work weekends just wishing you could do.  

Those things like, when a friend calls on Wednesday night and says a group from college is going camping Friday and Saturday "you want in?" Can't got a wedding this weekend. 

Or on the day of a phone call that shares there is an extra ticket to a Carolina game of some sort. "You want it for $20 and tailgate with us?" Can't I work Saturdays at Gap. 

But no more! 

This summer I went camping for the weekend in Front Royal, VA, met up with the AXO's in Cape Cod, MA, had a 4th of July BBQ Party and Weekend fun with 3 of my best friends, went on a family beach vacation for a week and am extending a wedding weekend in Maryland to include seeing the very fabulous and fierce Courtney  J in Northern Virginia this upcoming Wednesday.  Love my summer! 

This summer has been a real summer for me.  I know that sounds weird but honestly, since I was 16 I've always worked.  During my days as a teenager, working in the summer 40 hours a week at the local Target store was what I did.  The same in college. I had to make money to support myself the rest of the year.   Similar story last summer in July when I began working and found myself at the Gap.  There was no camping trips, no college football games in the Fall, no last minute decisions to go to a concert, I didn't have time to try new recipes.  

The truth is that when we are in a routine of something that takes up much of our time, we always wish we had more "free" time.  More time to travel. More time to spend with ourselves or the ones we love.  More time to do even the little things around the house that we know we need an afternoon for.  More time to enjoy being alive. 

I wouldn't regret this summer of being unemployed.  I have very much enjoyed being able to do the things I would of missed out on.  Who knows when the next Summer will be that I have this freedom? 

A career will come.  But a real summer?  

So what am I doing this week? 

Monday: Job searching, blogging, running errands, getting ready for my trip to Virginia/Maryland.  

Tuesday: ATP Tennis Tournament in Cincinnati (an all day affair with watching the very best playing tennis right here in my town).

Wednesday: Driving 8 hrs. 26 minutes to Fairfax, Virginia to visit with Courtney J. 

Thursday/Friday: Pure fun ahead!

Saturday: Attending my first wedding as a college friends and my little in AXO marries the love of her life.  Can't wait for the event of the summer!

Sunday: Drive back to Cincinnati.  

{Stay Tuned} to hear about my Summer more. 

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