Monday, August 3, 2009

It Could of Been the Best Job Ever!

I don't take rejection well.  

I applied to colleges I knew I would get in.  I don't bother asking for things I know I wouldn't get. I play it safe. I am single after all.  

That's why I applied for a recent position at one of my favorite retailers. Thinking I was a bit of a "shoe in" with my retail experience of working at Target (5 Years) and Gap (9 months), a college degree and well, my stellar sense of style, I thought I was destined to work at {Nordstrom} until I found something else.  

Maybe that was the wrong attitude to have.  

My first day back in Cincinnati a letter arrived at my parents house from Nordstrom.  And well, I was rejected. "Unfortunately, we do not have any employment opportunities that meet your qualifications at this time."

Well, Nordstrom and specifically, Jason Zaim, you are wrong.  I would be terrific at Nordstrom.  You could place me in shoes, handbags, sunglasses, the cleaning department, the bistro, men's wear and all the lovely women's wear sections you have and I would shine.  I didn't spend the last few years reading magazines like InStyle, Lucky, shopping at your Durham store and well being fantastic, for you to toss me aside in the application process.  I have retail experience and my speciality is fitting rooms or dressing rooms (like you label them).  And in my past experience in retail, people can either handle that or not.  Those that can't, can't handle a busy Saturday.  Am I right? I am customer service oriented and not to mention, I worked the day after Thanksgiving (Black Friday) at a Gap store with buy one sweater get the next half price. I also worked Toys at Target on December 22nd and electronics on December 24th.  I can handle the pressure, the stress and anything you can throw your way at me!

I wouldn't hold this against you Nordstrom nor will I not shop at your store.  I'll be there but anytime, I get lousy service, an unknowledgeable sales associate who can't tell the difference between a clutch and a bucket bag, or find a messy dressing room, I will remember you passed me up for this person.  Best of luck Cincinnati Nordstrom in your quest for finding employees that met your standards.  I really can't wait to see who you find!

{Stay Tuned} 


Lexi said...

This makes me sad. It makes me question if maybe I'm not a shoe in for the bus driver position after all.....I'll keep you posted.

Laura E said...

It is like when your perfect for a position...the position says NO!