Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Let's Boomerang Back to My Former Career Part II

The best wedding I ever worked was an Indian wedding.  The multiple ceremonies, the vibrant colors, the large guests list, the delicious cuisine, the music, the dancing and more, is a lot but so worth it.  But on top of that, I worked with a great team that truly held nothing back when creating this event. Of course, we also had a bride and groom with excellent design tastes and wanted a party.  Our crew started set up for this wedding on Thursday for the main day ceremony and reception.  Check out all the photos from the events on the amazing photographers, Whitney & Jessie from {Our Labor of Love}'s wonderful {blog}

Poonam + Chirag's wedding is one that will be in a bridal magazine.  But till it is please check out {Glamour's Magazine}'s Smitten Blog and read their take on the event: {The Most Amazing Wedding Photos: An Indian Wedding!}
{Stay Tuned}

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