Friday, August 7, 2009

I'm with Chelsea on this one

One of my new obsessions is {The Chelsea Lately Show}. This late night cable talk show has been on the air since 2007 but I have recently begun DVRing the show.  After my morning routine of coffee and The Cincinnati Enquirer it is time for Chelsea Handler and her panel of comedians, actors and writers that discuss "major" news topics. Just the routine of the unemployed.  

Any who, Chelsea is hilarious and I recommend you check her out some evening or morning.  And for a preview of what you will see on the show check out her {website} and her {blog}

But it was last nights show and today's {blog post} that made me do a "seriously".  Take it away, Chelsea...

I was instantly fascinated by the stupidity of some people.  So I decided to do some more research.  As any good journalist I wanted the real scoop.  I found it on {AOL News}.  I learned that Trina Thompson did indeed file a lawsuit against the Bronx, New York,  Monroe College for $70,000 in tuition reimbursement due to the fact that she graduated in April and has not been able to land a job.  Thompson's major: Information Technology.

I don't think I have to say anything more other then "seriously".  Oh and Thompson check out how many people in America think your ridiculous. 

Have a great weekend! {Stay Tuned}


Jamie said...

I heard about this too the other day! So ridiculous.. does she not realize how the economy is now and how many college graduates are suffering?! On another note, I am so sorry you didn't get the position. I hope something comes up soon.. I will keep an eye out for any openings around here for you!

Lexi said...

I cannot believe this woman. She is absolutely certifiably out of her mind, and if she ever thinks she's going to get a job (now that the whole world knows of her lawsuit) she's even crazier! Plus, I read a statement she released earlier this week and I wish I could have emailed her directly: Use Spell Check. Use Grammar Check. Just might help with the whole cover letter resume thing. Ugh some people.

Laura E said...

I wanted to personally call her and be like get in line. Do you know how many of my friends don't have jobs? Well, quite a lot. You recently graduated, four months is nothing in the unemployed realm of today's society. So I recommend you drop the lawsuit and get on Monster Jobs, Craig's List, Career Builder and work on explaining what information technology exactly is.