Thursday, August 27, 2009

We All Need Some Inspiration

We all need some inspiration these days in the form of finding our dream job.  So I would like to thank twenty-six year old Amelia Lester who was recently named the Managing Editor of The New Yorker.  

This afternoon I came across the tidbit of info on {The New York Observer's} website.  Lester is a former fact checker at The New Yorker.  (For those that don't know that is entry level.) 

Of course, she did work her way up to be an editor of The Paris Review and is a graduate of Harvard BUT that is besides the point.  

The truth is if we work hard, keep our eyes on the prize, we could easily be 26 and have our dream jobs.  So whatever yours may be I wish you luck and hope to blog about you to one day!

{Stay Tuned}

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