Thursday, July 30, 2009

And I Can't Get "Flower Jewelry" Out of My Mind

Don’t get me wrong! I am not all about the flower power or anything but one trend I have loved this past Winter, Spring and now, into Fall is flower jewelry.

I have been known to sport two rings I purchased at {Forever 21} and even though when I take them off I have that ugly green ring skin thing left…you can’t see it while I wear it. I also have two earrings from {Forever 21} with the flower look that purchased this spring and love.  I always get a lot of compliments on my flower jewelry. I think it is very chic and lovely.

These are my four picks of flower jewelry right now.  However, I have noticed this look is in quite a lot of stores and you can’t go wrong wither you want a ring, earrings or even a necklace with the look. 

Large Left Photo: The Tanzanite Bloom from {Fuss Jewelry} at $224.  Splurge but beautiful. The top right and bottom right from Urban Outfitters. The top {Wild Flower Post Earrings} are $14 and come in a yellow and a pink.  The {Metal Rose Studs} are $16 for those that don't want the color or pair with Fall tones.  Middle photo: The feature item on Forever 21's website.  Love this one - {Neon Petal Flower Ring} at $5.80. That's one price that can't be beat. 

{Stay Classy and Stay Tuned}


Courtney said...

i love those flower earrings! those are like the ones they have at lightyears! oh how i miss that deliciously cute and cheap kinda like H&M lol.

Lexi said...

Loving the flower trend as well. Also loving that Forever 21 ring...might have to go get one! So fun! (Also love the new sign off, Stay Classy is kind of my trademark with Alpha Tau! Clearly, you're my little for a reason...)

Anonymous said...

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