Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wednesday's Movie: When Harry Met Sally

Harry: We've got eighteen hours to kill before we hit New York.

Sally: The story of my life isn't even going to get us out of Chicago I mean nothing's happened to me yet.  That's why I'm going to New York.

Harry: So something can happen to you?

Sally: Yes.

Harry: Like what?

Sally: I can go into journalism school to become a reporter.

Harry: So you can write about things that happen to other people.

Sally: That's one way to look at it.

Harry: Suppose nothing happens to you.  Suppose you lived out your whole life and nothing happens you never meet anybody you never become anything and finally you die in one of those New York deaths which nobody notices for two weeks until the smell drifts into the hallway.

This past summer, I finally saw {When Harry Met Sally}.  The film was one I always wanted to see but having not been say between the ages of 18-50 when it came out, I had to wait for a lazy day and Lifetime Movie Network allowing the film to grace the air time.  Thank you Lifetime Movie Network.

I really did enjoy the film for the obvious reasons.  Number one, I am single.  Do my guy friends want to have sex with me? Number two, can men and women be friends? (Wait this goes back to number one).  Number three, could a male friend of mine and myself be destined to be together?

But that’s not what I am here to discuss.  (Some other blog post I am sure). 

My career choice has recently landed me to get some snide remarks.  At a recent funeral I attended my mother shared with a family friend I was between jobs and seeking a position as a reporter.  The family friends said something along the lines of why she could do so many other things.

I am still spinning by that remark.  What’s wrong with being a reporter?

I still remember a high school substitute asked me my senior year of high school where I was going to school and what I would be studying.  After sharing Elon and journalism, the substitute said something along the lines of oh you want to be on TV. 

No, would of said broadcast journalism if I did want to be on TV. 

I don’t look for support in my career decision.  I am sure many other people have experience some comments here and there of no support in their career choice.  However, it wasn’t till I watch When Harry Met Sally, that I thought is this the reason?  People question my decision in career because I am just reporting on other peoples interesting lives while mine remains boring?

Of course, in the film Sally acknowledges that nothing has happen to her yet and that is why she is moving to New York to go to journalism school. But hold your guns, Harry that doesn’t mean she is bond to live a boring life. 

I find myself around Sally’s age and as I do not wear day of the week underwear nor am a waiter’s worst nightmare, I know how she feels.  Given the opportunity to share the story of my life I wouldn’t give you more then a good 15-minute version.  Where do you begin with a stranger on a car ride for heaven sakes?

But that’s the thing about journalist; we aren’t trained to share our thoughts.  We’re trained to ask the questions, get your thoughts and get the story. 

So Sally you said the right thing and you proved Harry wrong.  At the end of the film the two of you are together and well, something has happened to you in the mean time of that terrible New York City death Harry thinks your bound to live.

But a secret undisclosed to Harry and the rest of the world that think journalist get into the field to write about what happens to other is about to be shared.  The truth is we get into this field because we care.  We care about getting the issues out to the people. We care about sharing a member of the community story who can’t.  We care about informing you about decisions that will change your life.  Yes, we write about what happens to others.  But that doesn’t make us boring.  It makes us far from it.  Think about.  

{Stay Tuned}

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Maggie said...

Hi Laura! I'm a reader from your previous position and to be honest, I stopped reading when you left, so I'm happy to have found your new online home.

I just wanted to send some support your way and let you know that good energy is out there.

It's funny, I was going to be a reporter from the earliest age I could remember, and went through high school and college with that label practically stamped onto my forehead. After college I realized that whole objectivity thing was a problem for me - shocking! - so I ventured over into urban policy/planning writing and my career took another turn. We never know where our paths will lead us, but having an open mind and heart is the best way to get there. In that respect, it sounds like you're well on your way.

Good luck!