Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I Made it to Cincinnati

I am currently indulging in some delicious Black Raspberry Chip ice cream from {Graeter's}.  For those that don't know anything about Graeter's then I feel sorry for you.  Graeter's is the famous ice cream shop in Cincinnati that also happens to be Oprah's favorite ice cream.  So now you know it is that good!  

With this sudden Cincinnati craving met I thought it might be time to blog and let everyone know I am in Cincinnati.  Officially, I arrived at 7 P.M. Monday.  Today, I spent the day unpacking and redoing my bedroom.  As I tried to {de-high school} it, I ended up with five large trash bags filled with clothes, shoes, stuff animals, hand bags and more to go to Goodwill.  The curb ended up with quite a lot too.  I also have unpacked the Uhaul with my boxes labeled "Ohio".  The rest are labeled "Storage" and thats tomorrows job.  Yup, I've been quite busy since arriving to Ohio.  Once I get my room from "High School College Kid Laura" to "Transition Young Adult Laura" I'll post some photos.  

But till I do let me introduce you to my new home and two fantastic Cincinnati things.  

First, I live about 20 miles outside of the city limit in {Loveland, Ohio}.  Loveland is the Sweetheart of Ohio and a typical suburb of Cincinnati.  Not much else to say after that. 

Second, so glad to be around {Bengals} fans again.  Although, we Bengals fans have a lot to complain about and a lot of praying for a playoff run, its great to be able to say "Who Dey".  But new to this season is the reality season "Hardknocks" that will be airing on HBO on August 12th about Bengal Pre-Season Camp.  I'll be watching it. 

Third, {Graeter's} ice cream. AMAZING.

Fourth, the beautiful downtown Cincinnati.  Located right on the banks of the Ohio River and right across from the state of Kentucky.  We are truly a beautiful city and I love it.  {Photo from City Data.Com}

{Stay tuned} for more.  

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