Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Thats right I Boomeranged!

Where to begin...

Let's start with the basics.

I am 23, single, non-smoker, college educated and have a cat.  (Wait this is beginning to sound like a personal ad). 

But to get more out there you should know the following...

I love Pandora, InStyle Magazine, Sunday's Newspaper, Kate Spade, Trader Joe's Wine, traveling (and sightseeing when I get there), fun jewelry, The Soup, movies that make me question everything, dinner parties and living the life I have always sought. 

But here's where we have to stop.  

From the title of my blog, you know that following: moving in with her parents in the suburbs of OHIO! 


No, this is not what I ever imagine.  I can't be certain but perhaps at 18 I would of told you my plans for life are as followed.  Go to good college, meet good college boy, marry good college boy and lead my life as a good housewife, mother, career successful person.  And if that didn't work out I was going to live my life exactly what I saw on Sex and the City.  You know, move to a city, write for a living, have the best girl friends ever, met men, have fun with men and just wait for all my dreams to come true.  

Well, here I am in Chapel Hill, North Carolina just 4 days shy of packing up a Uhaul and moving back with the parents.  How did this happen?  Where did I lose track of my life plans? I swore I would never move back to Cincinnati.  I swore I would never move back to Ohio.  I swore I would never move back in with my parents.  

But I am.  And the fact of the manner is I am still following my dream.  That dream is to become a reporter.  I attempted it this past year in Chapel Hill.  I worked forty hours a week at a Bridal Magazine and after about six months realized no.  This isn't what I want.  After thinking it over for a while.  It seemed pointless to leave my position so soon and I gave it more time.  However, somewhere along the path of giving it more time was hardships I never intended to deal with.  I wouldn't go into details (perhaps that will come in a post some other day) but I am in a better place to be done with my first job out of college.  But after leaving, I had a month in 2 weeks left in my cozy little home till the lease was up.

I tried.  I tried really hard to get a position lined up in the Durham/Chapel Hill area to work as a newspaper reporter but I had no luck.  I tried really hard to get a position lined up in the North Carolina area to work as a reporter but have had no luck.  I've tried really hard to get a position lined up in the South, Mid-West, East and more to work as a reporter but have had no luck.  So here I am unemployed with the decision made that I will continue to job search.  I will continue to live my dream as an aspiring newspaper reporter and it will happen.  (But in the meantime, I am off to Ohio).  

I am boomerang it back to Ohio to begin the chapter of my life I shall call "Tales from the Boomerang Lady".   

I anticipate it being a fireball of fun!  Maybe not fireball fun like "Pub trivia night" or "Half-Price Bottle of Wine Night" or "Martinis and Appetizers Parties".  But maybe my mom will let me join her book club...{stay tuned}. 


Courtney said...

i love that you love movies that question everything!

"lets watch a movie that is going to make me think about things...."

i miss my old roommate!

Laura E said...

You know it. Of course, I do enjoy watching movies like "The House Bunny".