Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Here We Go!

Alright, here we are on Tuesday morning and here are the updates.

Job interview in VA went really well.  I loved the area and the possibility of myself living there.  The county newspaper I would work for is small but I would get to work on a variety of stories.  Also, my work would appear in several newspapers around the area.  

So next steps to getting the job.

1. Was given an assignment for this week about a local food bank program in the area.  Have to write story and submit it by Thursday at 10 A.M. (Already set up interview with the head of the organization for today).

2.  Pass a drug test. (Pee in a cup)

3. One other phone interview that would be rather short and would be from the upper management in the company.  (Apparently, this should be rather easy).

I think I can, I think I can.  Working on gaining a job this week is a major thing for me. 

Oh wait, I am also on the beach on a family vacation.  Yea, I am doing the whole get a tan thing and spend time with my parents, sister and grandparents.  

But I also have to say I love my friends so much! I had a marvelous email from my college friend Courtney J who said this...

"TOTALY love the blog" and "(PLEASE let july be over because this month has been full of lies, deceit, corruption, uncomfortable conversations and people just generally being annoying as HELL)" Couldn't agree more! Love Courtney because she has my back and will always be up for a conversation when things are bad.  This statement applies to her life in many ways this month as well as mine.

Another comment on the blog came from Lexi, who was my Big in my Sorority and author of the blog {The Motherload}.  Check it out!

"Read the whole thing! It is fabulous, and I love the title - because we are the Boomerang generation you know!" Yes, we are!

The last comment on the blog comes from Ashton, my one and only UNC Chapel Hill guy friend and former co-worker at the Gap. 

"I enjoyed your blog: I can't wait for your next movie review." I already know what I will blog about. 

And last shout out to a message that made me smile this week was from Courtney H or Coco, my only UNC Chapel Hill girlfriend and former co-worker at the Gap.

"I'll hire you as my assistant if you move back to CH."  If only, she actually need an assistant.

Thanks for all the love this week and support.  Keep reading the blog and I'll keep you all posted. {Stay Tuned}. 

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