Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Movie Wednesday: UP

I don’t take my love advice from movies like He’s Just not that into You, Man of Honor or the latest Jennifer Aniston flick at theaters.

No offense but Hollywood has it wrong.

But who has it right?

I am not saying myself with my relationship status of single. But lets look to the wonderful people at Disney.

You know Disney! The people that brought us “and they lived happily ever after”.  Well, maybe they didn’t come up with that but they let the concept fly through out the twenty century. 

But it’s the latest film {Up} that really hit me. I know what your thinking if you have never heard of this latest Pixar film, some sort of princess and a prince that live happily ever after right after they have some enduring hardship with some catch musical numbers.  Well, your wrong.  Instead Disney shows us what we all hope for.  A man and women that become smitten with each other at an early age and who never dream of being apart. 

What they do dream of is adventure and a life long goal of traveling to Paradise Falls, South America.  But as we see in the film, the two build this goal in to their daily routine dropping coins in a wish jar and working at their local zoo (adventures).  But we see through out the years, that the couple endures their share of hardships.  Ellie can’t conceive, the car breaks down, years go by.  The Paradise Falls trip never happens.

I am not running anything by telling you Ellie, the wife, dies.  Yes, she dies in the first 15 minutes but she dies with no regrets in a beautiful manner that “thank you Disney I strive for this” moment goes through my mind. 

However her enduring husband knows he must make the trip to Paradise Falls.  This is where the movie begins for the rest of the generation under age 10 and balloons appear.  But for me it was a moment of beauty.  You got it right Disney. 

Most likely, I will not run out on three guys at the alter. (Runaway Bride).  I am not going to fall head over heels with my fiancé brother while my fiancé is in Rome with his dying mother. (Moonstruck).  Oh yea and I am not a dedicated Delilah listener to call in and met a man on Valentines Day at the Empire States Building in NYC. (Sleepless in Seattle). I doubt if anyone will say to me "No one puts baby in the corner". (Dirty Dancing).

When I meet a guy I am interested in, I hope to hack into what they want.  What their dreams are.  Where they want to be in a few years or fifty.  If it sounds remotely what I want, call me in.  If not, see yea.  For Carl and Ellie, it was there sense of adventure.  For me, what?  Haven’t met him yet. 

But I just hope that one day it is as enduring, loving and as mind blowing as Carl and Ellie’s relationship. 

Wait, what am I saying, this is a G rated film.  Disney, you know a love story when you see it and thank you for sharing this one.  {Stay tuned} for next Wednesday's Movie Thoughts. 

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