Monday, March 15, 2010

News in Liberal?

Questions concerning my job while home for the Christmas holiday was "Is there any news in Liberal?", "What do you find to write about?", "What kind of news comes out of small towns?"

The answer is: there is always news in Liberal and I would imagin it is the same as anywhere else.

I admit there are some slow days in the newsroom. However, Liberal, Kansas is like anywhere else. We have car crashes, we have fires, we have a city and a county government, we have a court system, we have criminals, we have locals doing good, we have visits from politicians, we have festivals, we have (occasionally) new businesses coming to town. I could keep going.

I meant to blog about this awhile ago but a sales associate in Wichita said the same thing to me. While paying I said I was from out-of-town, Liberal area. The individual asked me, why live there? I responded a job brought me out there. A reporter position, I said.

"Is there any news in Liberal?" He asked.

Yes and here is some news from Liberal I think anyone might enjoy.

{Her First Novel} Local author publishes her first novel after years of working and raising children. She finally found time to write a novel and inspiration for a story.

{Baker Art Center is deep 'Inperspective'} An art center that is working with at-risk juveniles.

{Stay Tuned}

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