Thursday, March 18, 2010

Give and Get: Family & Friends Coupon

I grinned last week when I opened up my Gap credit card bill.

Usually, this is not the case.

Typically, I dwell over the amount owed and think "how?" Once I review the charges, I think "oh, right."

Anyways, Give and Get (also known as the Family & Friends coupon) was nestled beside my bill.

"Yes!" I thought.

"No!" I thought four days later after furthering examining the coupon details. Not for online purchases!

"What's the matter?" the cowboy asked.

"The coupon I told you about a few days ago excludes online purchases!" I cried. (We live about 2 1/2 hours from the closes Mall in Amarillo, Texas.)

"Boo hoo." He said with no compassion.

Oh how I had already planned to purchase some spring fashions from Gap, Banana Republic and Old Navy.

I can't use the coupon but there is some valuable information I can pass along to fellow blog readers that would like to save at Gap, Inc. stores March 18 - March 21. Post your email address ( I recommend spelling it out ex..lauraeastes at gmail dot com to avoid spam) and I will email you an invite coupon to take into the stores for savings.

Happy Shopping!

{Stay Tuned}

P.S. This is what I planned to purchase with incredible savings!


Lexi said...

you know the address! Send it my way, I have a gap just 10 minutes down the road (funny how NH seems like the middle of nowhere....until you move to Kansas) And maybe I can pick you up a treat! xoxo

Anonymous said...

I would love a friends and family coupon!

amy_z. said...

Laura, I got a code to use online via email from Gap. If you sign up for their e-newsletter I'm pretty sure you can get one too (it's single use, but you can shop all the stores at once).

Simply Southern said...

hey girl.. ill email you a code.. i work for gap..