Saturday, January 30, 2010

Who says snow storms are bad?

The Governor of Oklahoma declared the state in emergency last Friday as snow and ice blanketed the entire state.

Parts of Southern Oklahoma lost power.

Oklahoma City and Tulsa's airports were closed from Thursday with flights not expected to leave again till Saturday.

Turpin (where I live) closed school Thursday and Friday.

On Thursday the snow began to fall. At 3:30 p.m. I left work early to make it home before the roads got bad. Only about an inch was on the ground but it was coming down.

Thursday night I watched the snow fall. I even picked Tiger Lily up to show her the flakes covering the VW Bug.

Friday morning I awoke to about 8 inches of snow and flakes still coming down.

It was beautiful but it was also...well, how does a VW Bug get out of the drive way and attempt to drive on the unpaved roads of Turpin to get to work in Liberal?

Have no fear! Cowboy Boyfriend called and offered to drive me in his truck. While I gathered my stuff, he shoveled the walk way. He also did the walk way of the single mom neighbor next door.

I think he is a keeper.

{Stay Tune}

P.S. He is going to hate that I posted this photo.

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