Sunday, January 3, 2010

Despite my New Year's snow...I didn't blog

Despite the snowy and cold weather this weekend I did not get caught up on bloggging.

I was off from work for 4 days: Thursday - Sunday and I didn't blog.

Instead I had a fabulously relaxing weekend. (Something I haven't had since moving to Oklahoma). I cleaned my house, caught up on magazines, finished my (now belated) Christmas cards, watched movies, made dinners for the Cowboy and caught up on sleep. For example exhausted me only stayed awake till Eastern Standard Time New Year's. I couldn't make it till midnight.

This time of year people make resolutions. I usually don't. However, some year's I just call them something else. Thinking back to last year (2009), I made a 'goal' to be in a different place. (Not locational speaking, but at the time I was struggling financially and was in a career path that left me unfulfilled, unappreciated and beyond exhausted daily. Needless to say, I did reach that goal and can happily report that is no longer the case.)

My goal this year is to blog. I really enjoy this blog and hate that I have deserted it for the past two months. There is so much I can share and expect to read about it all in 2010.

{Stay Tuned}

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