Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Updating the Boomerang Lady

It is no secret that I have been horrible at updating my tales.

To be honest I hate the neglect the blog has gotten since mid-October and promise to do better.

But here are the reasons why I haven't updated the blog ...

1. Moved to Oklahoma and have been working full time. Hard to set up internet and cable when you aren't home week days. Also, no roommates to split the cost. Also, found out where I live doesn't have wi-fi. I have to get dial up which means I have to get a phone line. Can you say 1997?

2. My job changed. The newspaper had some shifts in employment and I got switched to Lifestyles editor. What does this mean? I switched desks, have more on my plate on a daily basis and am in charge of wedding announcements. I thought I was taking a break from weddings? But I am still a news reporter all at the same time.

3. I met some one. And not just anyone but some one special. I met him exactly a week after living in Turpin. Three days later we watched a movie and ate pizza. Two days later we went to a haunted house and got Mexican for dinner. One day later we went to the Turpin High School football game. The day after that marked a week I had known him and I made him dinner. Yup, he is fantastic. But the best part is he is a cowboy. An actually cowboy. I'm going to need a whole post dedicated to explaining what a cowboy is. But ladies, YEEE-HAWWW.

What I am trying to say is stick with me. I PROMISE to be back up and running officially Monday.

{Stay Tuned}


Lexi said...

And you haven't called me why? If you don't call me by the end of the week I'm in pursuit of a new little.......okay not really but we need to catch each other up and I need some life advice. xoxo

P.S.- Mama Eastes must be so happy that the boy thing has started to work out with the work thing (In regards to your previous post)

Nicole said...

Oh wow, even I am intrigued about this cowboy thing! Congrats!

And whoa about the dial-up!!

Kirstin said...

if you freaking get married before me i will kill you! hahaha i missed you not blogging your posts always make me laugh. that's cool that you are writing about weddings again you are good at it! can't wait to hear more details about the cowboy! yeehaw

Simply Southern said...

wait.. what so exciting.. you meet a boy.. i cant wait to hear all about it. and i must add that i am going to need a photo of this genuine cowboy!