Saturday, November 28, 2009

The flu, a broken digital camera, a country singer, an OK Thanksgiving and a smiling city girl

The flu, a broken digital camera, a country singer, an OK Thanksgiving and a smiling city girl...

Those would be the updates

  • Flu: I caught the flu the day before my birthday and it lasted for five days. Of course the day I had it the worst was my actually birthday. A birthday that was to be spent with my Cincinnati mom flying into Wichita for the weekend. Although it was the worst timing, the weekend didn't turn out that way. Got to go shopping and spend time with my amazing mom! (The best of both worlds.)
  • Digital Camera: When charging the camera on Thursday night before I was to leave for Wichita the lens jammed. My trusted digital camera that I have had for five years is beyond repair. How am I to take my Christmas Photo?
  • Country Singer: Jerrod Niemann is a country singer in Nashville that just had his first single of his country album released. He happens to have graduated from Liberal High School and I happened to interview him via phone on Tuesday. His story is running in this Sunday's newspaper. He was very awesome on the phone and I hope he makes it big. Check him out {here}.
  • OK Thanksgiving: My Oklahoma Thanksgiving was great. Met the cowboy's family. (Big family.) I had a nice time and I really think it went great. Something tells me, he thinks it went well too. Maybe I'll get invited to another family function...we will just have to see.
With no more flu, no major holiday and things going so well I hope to be blogging all week. Watch out bloggers I am a smiling city girl in the Southwest.

{Stay Tuned}


Kirstin said...

alright so did you whip up any thanksgiving desserts to take to the cowboys fam? im a blogger stalker i need to know these things.

Simply Southern said...

glad yo hear you are feeling better.. I am going to need a photo of the cowboy.. get excited for holidays with the new love!