Wednesday, November 18, 2009

At this desk...

At this desk...I wrote my most favorite story as a reporter for The Southwest Times, so far.

November is National Adoption month. My editor asked me to contact a local family who has adopted and compose a feature story. Through an organization, Youthville (Kan. non-profit children's welfare organization), I was put in contact with the Wood family.

I had a phenomenal time meeting the Wood's and Diamond and Jasmine. The two-biological sisters were actually first entered into the state as foster care children and placed in a foster care home, the Wood's foster care home.

You might see where this is going. Please check out the story on The Southwest Times website.

It is stories like this that made me want to be a reporter.

P.S. I would've of taken a better photo but I captured this one just as the battery ran dead.

P.S.S. Yes, that is a beautiful Mac desktop.

{Stay Tuned}

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