Thursday, October 15, 2009

Your opinion matters most. Set the bar high...

There is nothing worst then when you are disappointed in yourself.

You can make the situation better in your mind if you acknowledge your struggles and losses.

You can also make the situation better if you know how to change it in the future.

Like I said, I have been disappointed in myself. Myself or rather my writing and work for this week. The newspaper is printed three times a week and for each issue I am responsible for writing a story. Completely do able. On top of that I have other tasks but first and foremost I am a reporter. My job is to produce stories. Stories that are good. Stories that are thought provoking. Stories that go above and beyond.

My story for Wednesday's paper was not like that. My story for tomorrow's paper was not like that. I can only hope Sunday's story tells it different.

The truth is the stories weren't horrible. They both ran in the paper. No body told me they were terrible. But just reading them makes me cringe because I know they could be better.

Wednesday's story about the wedding planner and her business was just fluff. Although, interesting I only explored one angle. I didn't ask her questions about the first years of her business or struggles she may have seen in this economic time? Maybe couples in Southwest Kansas are holding back on certain wedding necessities to save money? I didn't ask those questions. I didn't think to.

Tomorrow's story is a numbers story about the births in Seward County (the county Liberal is in). Through research I found out that American's and Kansas' as a whole are reporting less births each year. Basically, couples and women are choosing to not have children. That is not the case in Seward County which has been welcoming more births each year. Interesting right? Not to mention over 52% of the mothers are out-of-wedlock. (I can tell you through looking into other counties and the state of Kansas that is really high. Most counties see 30% out-of-wedlock mothers). Naturally, I contacted the state public health PR person and she emailed me some additional facts, quotes. From there I contacted the only hospital in the county for comments. I called. I emailed. I went into see the PR women for the hospital. She couldn't talk to me. Too busy. I should of been more persistent. But there was a deadline.

The story was written but in my mind I saw holes where there should of been quotes from the hospital.

Which brings me to the story I am to turn in tomorrow for Sunday's paper. It has to be kick-a** and it can be. The Secretary of Transportation for the State of Kansas, Deb Miller, was in town and gave a presentation about plans. This is good and it has to be good for the newspaper.

I leave you now, as I will be transcribing over 50 minutes of tape from earlier today. Reading through government documents and laying out a story to write for tomorrow.

It is going to be kick-a**. Promises all around, I've set the bar high.

{Stay Tuned}

P.S. The Canadian television show, "Being Erica" was on Soap Net last Spring. (Pause for all laughter imagining me curdle up watching Soap Net next to my orange cat on Thursday nights. ) But in one episode someone tells Erica that when it comes down to it, it only really matters what their own opinion is. No body else's.

That stuck with me. I disagreed. I believe it does matter what my parents, family, friends and co-workers opinion's are about me. But thinking about it, what opinion will stick with one the most? Today, I agree it is my own. And while others will always matter and have an influence on my life. I am the only one who's opinion can change my actions. Think about it?

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