Monday, October 5, 2009

"Straight off the boat"

As I was driving back to my hotel room tonight I thought about today and summed it up in the words...I am "straight off the boat" and laughed a bit to myself.

If you've been around me you know I use the term "straight off the boat" here and there to describe people that act like they don't know. What I mean by "they don't know" is that they are new to our land and unfamiliar with our ways.

Well, I am new to this land and definitely unfamiliar in the ways of Liberal.

I went to my first day of work today to find my boss out on a sick day and the business manager to be not in. The typical fill out this paper work, sign an anti-sexual harassment form and be explained Human Resource required info did not happen. I was informed of a County Commissioners meeting I was suppose to cover in the evening and spent the morning reading the over 40 page agenda with proposals and documents. With main point of interest surrounding a black tailed prairie dog. An hour lunch led me to come back to gather more info for another possible story and to read through Kansas laws on open records and open meetings. So that's what I did at work today.

Later in the afternoon, I met with a relator that showed me a house for rent. As of right now it is my second choice and I told the relator I would touch base with her on Wednesday with my decision. I am viewing a townhouse tomorrow and am leaning towards it as of right now. (Townhouse has washer/dryer that I can walk to in housing area and no lawn care) Then I attended the County Commissioners meeting and went straight back to my hotel.

Can you say tired?

And that was when I chuckled and thought I have that "straight off the boat" look and feeling.

But the truth is "straight off the boat" is not bad. You have to have that "straight off the boat" experiences in order to become savvy, knowledgeable, trained, skilled and confident. At least that is how I see it. I have never gone into any job I've had before and left on the first day saying "piece of cake". It is challenges and something different each day that makes work teach us something and leads us to learn. I learned a lot today. I got a feeling for my new office environment, my possible stories for the next week and a flash of what my career here in Liberal will be like. I am ready for tomorrow where I will write the story of the black tail prairie dog. But first I need to get some sleep.

{Stay Tuned}


Anonymous said...

Loved your blog and believe my daughter will as well (she writes for a small town newspaper and is majoring in jornalism - just started college)... about the townhouse.. I've lived in a couple and both time the electricity was very expensive vs living in a house... prob worth yard maintenance.. $25 VS $120 (elect ran over that for 1 bdrm) usually was $200 vs $80 for a house... hope that helps with your decision.. and houses are usually less expensive. It's a 1 year lease and just starting out u can use all the extra $$$ each month you can get... Good Luck with your new career!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed hearing about your first day at work, and I can't wait to hear about the black tail prairie dog! I hope the townhouse works for you, because I know how hard yard maintenance can be. And remember, it snows in Kansas! (think snow removal!) Good luck to you, and I know you will soon loose the look of "straight off the boat!"

Alyssa said...

so i thought to myself today i wonder how laura's first week at work is going. I thought maybe send her a text or a facebook message, or even better a phone call. But these are all things we don't really like communicating on together. so now i know. hope everything is going well! love you!