Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I look at this daily

This ended up on my desk on Friday afternoon from my co-workers. Apparently it is a random trophy that no one can explain in the office. And humoring to all that it has found a home on my desk.

It's Tuesday night and I can attest that the trophy is still there. I am not sure what I should do with it. First of all it is rather dusty. Second of all it says "best in show". Third of all the trophy man has large hands. Look closely and you'll notice the hand is larger then the knee.

I am all up for awards on desks but I haven't even brought out the photo of Tiger Lily or my Ohio snowglobe. I wonder for others that don't work in the news room but pass through think the new girl must be full of herself to place a trophy on her desk week 2.

Hope that brings a laugh to you.


Nicole said...

Ha ha! That's hilarious. Sounds like you have some good people to work with and that they have a sense of humor. Humor is the fastest way to break the ice and seems like they just want you to feel comfortable. Awesome!

Lexi said...

How, per chance, does one move an 800 pound pumpkin as mentioned in your article? Dear Lord, I hope you get to cover the Kansas state fair next year! (And what is with those abnormally sized hands?)

Laura E said...

My Co-Workers are pretty funny. I think I have gotten them to laugh a few times with my questions and random comments on life. Today, I asked if the community pool freezes in the winter and if they offered ice skating. The answer was no.

I am not really sure how they move the pumpkins but I do know that they have a tape measure that measures the length vs. width and can gives an approximate lb measurement.

Mom said...

What does the statue have in its other hand? It looks like a shopping bag! There must be a reason for this, and I would have to ask another co-worker. I am sure it was done in good fun. Just keep smiling and go with the flow!